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i need a fan/heatsink that doesn't make nosie...

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Dec 4, 2001
Vancouver Canada
I have Volcano 5 and imo it sucks. My tempeature now is 55 c motherboard is 37. I know my temps are very very high. I unplug the fans in front of the computer and the back ones. My CPU fan is very very nosie. I dislike it alot. Anyone can recommend me a nice cooling fan with a lot less nosie? Also where can I order them?;)
Unfortunately, you have to balance noise with cooling. The lower the temps the more noisy they are. I use the Volcano 9, it works great with voltages below 2V, and heats up after that.

You might want to get the Volcano 7+ or Thermalright AX-7, they are good with cooling, again with loud noise. If you really want to avoid the noise and get good temps, you will have to switch to water cooling.
Emericana said:
Thermalright SK7 or AX7 (whichever one you can find cheaper) with a 40cfm sunon is very quiet

I agree. With an excellent HS and a 40-45cfm 80mm fan, you should have very good cooling but not too much noise.
how about i put the thermaltake smartfan2 on the slk-800 and let it run at 4000rpm? any idea how much the cfm would be and if that would be decent for the amd xp 2400 at 2150Mhz?
I can highly recommend MIST silent twin, if your case cooling delivers enough airflow. It's not audible.

If you do not use case coolers, this is not the cooler to use, as it uses to 60mm fans at low RPM to move air, and thus creates loads of hot air at slow speeds.

You really need to move air away from the cooler as fast as possible.

I'v build a duct directly from the top of the cooler right out the side of my cabinet, and added an 80mm 25 Cfm fan for the purpose of sucking out the air.. works like a charm.

See: Piccies
or: English test

Cheers, Flixotide
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volcano 7 with 18cfm fan. 41c idle. thankyou very much!!

its quieter than my maxtor 80gb hard drive - i dont think you can get much quieter - well not on air anyway
idle temps don't count, man ;) as you can see in my sig, I don't have my idle temps posted at all, I really don't know what they are, lol
My systems are always under load, and I've seen changes like from 30 to 45c going from idle to load (on friends systems), so I wouldn't count a low idle temp to be very good.
As I know my cooling I would estimate my idle temps would be 3-4C cooler than my load temps
I would also recommend an Alpha PAL8045 w/ AS3 and the Vantec Stealth - 27CFM and about 18dBA and 4 other case fans that are Vantec Stealth's. It will damn well make your PC sound like a Dell (Quiet PC) while maintain some good performance.
Would you guys take the time to look at the noise ratio of the MIST Silent Twin.. 16 dba....

So it's quieter, cooler, fits better, and airflow is easier to control with it :p
those are 27cfm at 18dba. hmmm. i dunno what mine is then. i assumed it was around 16-18dba.

but i know that its only about 22cfm. so now i have no idea
Trust me.. I wouldn't be using the MIST Silent Twin if it wasn't better than Volcano...

Plus you have redundancy. If one fan fails, the second still runs.. so you'll never risk a total melt-down..

Cheers, Flixotide
thanks a lot for all the replies guys.. NOW I need to know where I can order them online. Btw, what's the best method to remove the thermal paste on the volcano heatsink now?

thanks again
I dunno where you can get the Silent Twin near you, as I see you're a bit far away from me :)

I'd suggest you google "MIST silent twin", and see what pops up.

As for removal of cooling paste, there are many suggestions. Just keep in mind, you'll never get totally rid of the microscopic silver particles from the AS3...

But use some acetone and some lint-free cloth, and you should get the compound off. (at least, what is visible to the human eye)

:) Flixotide
Emericana said:
Thermalright SK7 or AX7 (whichever one you can find cheaper) with a 40cfm sunon is very quiet

i have this very same setup and i can tell you is nothing close to queit but still is the most i would tolerate to sleep with, get this setup if you want
I switched over to watercooling on one of my rigs...much much quieter.... ;)

2 x low rpm 120mm fans on the radiator make a lot less noise than one single high rpm 60/80mm fan. Temps are lower too...:cool:

Just a thought.....

If you're not going to overclock too high and need a really cheap heatsink, consider the SVC GC68. I use it on all of the AMD systems I build. Not going to set any overclocking records with it, but it's very quiet and only costs $6 from www.svcompucycle.com

It comes with a fan rated at 32 CFM @ 28 dBA. Pretty darn quiet, but I usually replace it with a Panaflo L1A rated for 24 CFM @ 21 dBA, then I lower the voltage of the CPU as low as it will go and still be stable at the speed I want to run.

For more flexibility, get an Enermax adjustable 80mm fan. It's manually adjustable so it's nearly inaudible at low speeds, but can push a lot of air, if you need it to, just dial in the amount of cooling you want.