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i need a good modding case

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Jan 9, 2001
I searched around for ya, and this is what I found:
Buy that case. Paint it (a nice bright color). Put a window in it. Add handles, fan controller. Call it a day :D Actually, take a look at the whole Chieftec section, if you plan on painting it, get the beige one, as its lighter tone will make painting it easier.

Here are some other options:

An H700B in a 2-tone paint job would be sweet.

This case would be great to mod:
Just peel off the stickers, paint it, stealth the drives, and maybe add a window and *boom*.

Or this:
The Mono cases are very plain, ripe for modding.

Or an Antec Performance Plus case:
It's already got a window in it, which kinda sucks, but it's got slightly different styling than the vererable chieftec cases, which means it would stand out even more when painted.

You could also go with a case that NEEDS modding:

Like a Lanboy. Lanboys have *horrible* ventilation un-modded, but you can fix that my adding a couple of fans to the side panel, and enlarging the front intake.

Like a Super Lanboy. The ventilation problems are fixed (based off the SLK3700BQE chassis), but Antec managed to make the case uglier. You'd *have* to paint it ;).


Dec 13, 2003

I was having the same problem a month ago when i decided to build my computer. I found some sweet cases, but i didnt want to spend tons of money. So i got the x-dreamer II case. It is decent for modding, but itis only 50$ with a window and a power supply. You could think about maybe getting an acrylic case, or maybe a cheiftech dragon?