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I need a really really quiet 120MM fan.

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Aug 12, 2002
Gettysburg, PA
Well I ordered a new big fileserver case the other day that I plan on doing some modding to and it has oodles of fan mounts on the inside. But one thing I want to do is keep it quiet. I want all the fans in there to be under 24Dba. So I planed on using the 80mm mount in the lower back (sorta by the vid card) and the higher 60mm mount in the back (by the processor) for quiet fans that would be on all the time. Well quiet 60mm and 80mm fans are easy to find. But for the front I want to use the 120mm mount in the front for my intake that will also be quiet. (all the other fans will be on a rheo and will be controllable and also turned off some times so they are going to be really powerful fans)

So that task is, find me the quietest 120MM fan that you can find (has to be under 24DBa) and more the CFM the better.


there is the picture of the case that I ordered to help you figure out what I am talking about.
panaflos are quiet.. and if u hook it up to a rheo u can slow it down quieter even.. i think the slowest panaflo is like 28 dba..
or u could get a faster fan and 7v mod it

bigger fans seem quieter to me at higher rpms... for example... my 120mm is supposedly ~50dBA @1meter but it sounds quieter to me than my old ys-tech 36dBA @1meter. Maybe it's just the mounting location... but I'd never consider using a 50dBA 60 or 80mm on a heatsink... yet I've got this sucker in the front of my case and though on occasion I consider modding it to 7v, for the most part I dont mind it.
How much will a 7v mod lower my Dba? Keep in mind, I will still have high powered fans on too but I want 2 out and 1 in that are there premanantly incase someone turns my fans off after I just overclocked or something... you know the deal.
I have a panaflo 120mm "M" not "L" (medium not low"). It runs default at 2100 RPM. You don't hear the "wurrrr" of the blades, only the air movement." If I 7Volt Mod it, I can hear neither. It's great.
The reason that I dont want to put it on the Rheo is for 2 reasons.

1. I only want 1 fan per control on the rheo and the others will be full

2. I want to have certain fans always be on so my air is always flowing good, and that way I can just turn everything off on my rheo at night.
Lt. Max said:
panaflos are quiet.. and if u hook it up to a rheo u can slow it down quieter even.. i think the slowest panaflo is like 28 dba..
or u could get a faster fan and 7v mod it


Yeah, Panaflos really are great and quiet. I think there is an 86 CFM(or somewhere around there) thats about 32 dba. They also have a high output which is closer to 100 CFM but less than 40 dba.
Try the 190cfm 120mm Deltas... they are nice and comfortable at 3,5 - 4 volts..... :D

3,5-4 volts = ok
5 volts = pretty ok
7 volts= tolerable
10 volts= makes you slightly quesy
12 volts = local weatherman show up for an intresting "weather phenomenon" breaking news.... :D

edited for grammar... LOL
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I would recommend some panaflos....if at 12V they are too loud, simply 7V mod them.....but I have noticed that the quieter panaflos are fine without the mod.
60mm and 80mm are the least quiet fans.

Grab a 60mm 24db fan and a 120mm 24db fan. The 120mm will sound a lot quiter (it has less pitch to it) because it is bigger...
Yep masitti. I havent taken physics in 3 years so my head stop the working on such big thinkey words. But that wat Aye Meent tuh suy
Papst makes super quiet fans, I think they go down to 21 dBa, but they only push about 55 cfm. They are definitely at the top of the list for noise freaks.