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I need an AMD board with 2 ISA slots!!!!!

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Feb 9, 2002
I need some help guys, my Socket 7 board is dying, and since I use it to run my engine dyno, it has two extremely expensive data aquisition cards, both are ISA cards. I don't need a monster, just a nice board with Slot A or Socket A capability. I need at least two ISA slots, and two or three PCI slots. Anyone have any suggestions?
Boy, that's going to be tough! You might be stuck with socket 7. I had a hard time finding a socket A board with 1 ISA slot. How about it guys?
ok, it took some digging but, a slot-a motherboard, the gigabyte GA-7IXE, 2 isa, 5 pci, on the down side, it only supports ata66 drives and only up to 256mb sdram chips, hope it helped!
I think Inteleron might be on to something. I'm not too familiar with Intel products, but it probably wouldn't be to hard to find a slot 1 board that has 2 ISA slots. It would be much cheaper I'm sure.This is going in an ATX case? Slot A is kind of expensive. Ah, here we go, Soyo 7vba133u ATX socket 370 has 2 ISA slots, and can run a P3 up to 1 gig. I'm not trying to talk you out of the slot A, just giving you more options.
What other requirements do you have? Do you need more than DMA33 speed? ... lots of RAM? ... fast bus? ... fast CPU?

I really like my ASUS P2B-F boards. ... but they're slot 1 and DMA33. Four DIMM slots, 'tho ... and the FSB will o/c to 150 (max multiplier of 8.0). Uh ... ASUS only certifies the FSB to 100 MHz. :rolleyes:
Consider Intel my friend. The Abit BE6-II is a "dream" overclocker board from Intel using the famous 440BX chipset, which lasted along time, and performed quite well. Their still around too!