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I need better fans...

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Mar 18, 2002
i have an Antec 1035...i currently have the stock sunon case fans in the rear...and some antec fans in the front...i don't know what size the are, 80mm or 92mm...whichever comes with the case....i want to keep the same size fans but just need stronger ones, more CFM...could you recommend some??? price and noise is not an issue...
of course i can recommend some. I would assume if they are stock they are 80mm but mesure to be sure.

Panaflos are awesome(my fav , high and low versions of each size)
Sunons are a great brand too.

places to get them
that is just a few great places to shop.
i am sure many will most more great stores.
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if noise isn't an issue, then you should look into Delta. Their noise level is high, but so are their CFM.....the 80mm 80 cfm one puts out cfm that is almost like a 120mm!!!:D
holy ****, i just bought a 60mm delta fan for my heatsink...this is one loud mofo...well um...i guess sound is an issue now, i'm going to look into those links...thanks guys...
I am real happy with my enermax adjustables.
I run the cords outside of the case and can adjust all 3 of my 80mm fans in seconds from 25 cfm to 40cfm.
Each fan has a lead cord with a phillips bit at the end, you turn it up or down as needed.