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I Need budget computer

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Aug 19, 2003
underneath the sky
I have $450 to spend on a budget amd system (graphics card, case, cpu, mobo, memory).

Which amd processor oc's the best right now for the price? Also, where can I get one?

I already know what graphics card and case I'm going to get, I need some advice on memory, cpu, and mobo.


Dec 17, 2003
I'm in similar shoes right now, trying to help a friend out.

My budget is $300, but he has existing HD and CD-ROM & a CD Burner already that can be swapped over.

So far, with just a little online looking, but mostly a TigerDirect catalog, I'm at:

256Mb RAM - $40
CPU - $63 (Might go Duron to save a little)
Fan - $15
MB - $80 DFI board, LAN, Sound, USB2.0
Video - Ti4200 maybe. $99
Case - $20 used.

That's about $318 right there.

I found a 17" monitor locally for $30. Magnovision or some crap.

Would love to know if NewEgg and Pricewatch are the best places to find good prices!


Oct 26, 2003
Mooresville, NC
ok, heres a budget computer:
MB: epox 8rda prob about $60
Vid: u can get a ti4600 for about $115
get a retail chip and the fan will come with so a @85 barton 2500+ or barton 2600+
ram: khx 3000 $49 a 256mb stick
case $18 bux no ps, or about 25-30 with one
and i dunno about monator. Check ur compusa ads, theres a 17" envision for 70 bux and thats about it


c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
(graphics card, case, cpu, mobo, memory).

Graphics Card: Under $99 for GeForce4 Ti 4200 which destroys $150 GeForce FX 5200 Ultra. Anything in between that and the $199 Radeon 9800 may not be worth the $.

Case: Try not to get a power supply with it, spend at the very least $36 on this 350 W Fortron. Remember, Watts are not where it's at, brands are:
http://www.newegg.com/app/Viewprodu...=1919&description=&srchFor=FSP350-60PN atx12v

CPU: Remember Bartons may be locked so it's 2500+ Barton which may be locked which means you need PC3200 RAM for it, or if you can't get PC3200 RAM, get a $62 2100+ at newegg or zipzoomfly.com.

1700+ or 1800+ DLT3C B (not A) may overclock a bit more, but they're hard to get so 2100+ B is the only sure thing since they're better than 1800+ DUT3C B's.

See pricewatch.com for Thermalright (not Thermaltake) all copper heatsink. Combine it with Thermaltake Smart Fan 2 adjustable fan so that you can adjust the noise level according to performace and comfort.

Mobo: Abit or Soltek nForce2 mobos are the only nForce2s that post all multipliers on all unlocked CPUs.

Memory: Next to nothing after rebate deals from Sunday Paper electronic store adds or $100-$110 for two PC3200 256 MB sticks, hit the memory section for advice on current deals.

Whatever you do, do not skimp on PSU, that's the secret.
Power Supply Unit can take out all your other components.
Many PSU manufacturers list specs that do not reflect true capabilities of their products so all info on the PSU label doesn't mean much except for the brand, just look for the brand: Antec (preferably True Power), Fortron (Sparkle), Sirtec (Enlight, Vantec, Thermaltake), or more expensive Herolchi, PC Power and Cooling, or not as good but not dangerous HEC, TTGI.

Apply thermal paste correctly (it comes with thermalright heatsinks) or get Arctic Silver 5:
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Dec 17, 2003
MR NUKE, where did you see a ti4600 for $115?

I had *thought* I saw one for $109 a few days ago but now can't find it!