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I need cpu temp software!

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Mar 3, 2002
is there any software out there BESIDES mother board monitor that will alow me to check my cpu temp from windows?? mother board monitor isn't working right on my computer...

- Dimorphios
Yeah I d/l that software that was linked before your post and its working fine, I just have a funky mobo so alot of mobo soft doesn't work with it... its a cheapo matsonic... I am getting pretty high temp readings though, like 40c and 41c... the proc has a volcano 7 on it and artic silver so I don't know what the problem is... does artic silver take a while to set up or something??

- dimorphios
40 and 41 would be good for some systems, but bad for others. I need to know more system info in order tell you if that is good. Is your cooler a Volcano 7 or a Volcano 7+. The two have a huge cooling difference.
its volcano 7 (no +, at least according 2 the box...)

basic system rundown for this box

XP1600+ @ 1.57 (XP1900+) ( 10.5 x 150 )
512 PC2100
Voodoo3 2000
40gb WD HD (5400) ATA 100
16X DVD LiteOn
12x Burner (HP)
2 10/100 NICs - Netgear
Matsonic Mobo
400w PSU
Rear Slot fan
Slim HD cooler

Thats all I can think of right now....
That seems like pretty good temps for that system. You'd know if it was a 7+, the 7+ is rather pricey from what I understand. If you want to get down in to the 30's at load your going to need to go big with the cooling. Something like the Alpha 8045, or the Swiftech. Of course these Heatsinks both need a lot of room on the mobo + the 4 mounting holes.
That's really not a bad temp though, you should be able to get a pretty decent overclock out of it. I have heard that Arctic Silver sets after a couple days and cools a little better, but I doubt it even makes a degree difference.