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I need help choosing a heat sink for a i7-950

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Mar 6, 2016
I got this PC from a friend, it had no hdd and no heat sink. I've got a spare ssd for it, but need to pick a heat sink. I would like to eventually OC this CPU, hoping that those with more experience than I could help me find a good heat sink at a fair price that would be capable. Thanks in advance to all.
Parts list.
I can't find anything online about what CPU heatsink height is supported by the case...

How old is the PSU?
The height available is for the heatsink is 6". The PSU age is unknown.
With only 6" you won't be able to go for top end air coolers.

Do you think you can fit an AIO anywhere? A lot of these older cases have issues fitting them sometimes.

I suggest replacing the PSU.
It isn't a good unit to begin with.
Understood. If I go with a liquid setup, what can you recommend? Budget minded as I my wife is pregnant and due in august with our first.

I might just keep the PSU for a bit until I decide to OC, then I will replace it. I also plan to get a new video card, so yeah I will need to upgrade that PSU then. But, one thing at a time, so I'm going to have to get the cooler first and go from there.
Since that case you posted only has a 120mm fan in the rear, you can get away with a Corsair H80i GT AIO. check newegg link .

Your case has limited space, and you have limited funds.

Also as ATM mentioned; your psu is pretty dated and should be replaced asap.
Neb, I'm not sure a 120mm AIO is going to fit. Look how close the side panel is to the rear 120mm fan...
With only 6" for heatsink clearance you may have to stick to a 92mm cooler.

The other issue is finding one which fits socket 1366, most new heatsinks have dropped compatibility for this socket.
Your best bet might be to look for the heatsink used.

I used one of these for a few years, very good cooler.
Not a bad deal on it either.

I would get a cheap, decent 92mm heatsink and a good PSU to replace the current one.
Look at the EVGA G2 550W, it is plenty to run your setup with any single GPU arrangement.
I'm thinking about staying air cooled, I'll modify the case if need be. I'm still to uncomfortable putting liquids near my electronics, lol. Maybe a Cooler master 212 plus. I was hoping to maybe go a little bigger on the PSU for a better video card in the future. Could you recommended one with some growing room?
I'm not sure the 212 Plus will fit and be able to keep the side panel on.

The PSU I recommended is plenty for any single GPU system.
Ditch the bad case. I had the same steel, just a different exterior. Antec should not make it; Newegg should not sell it. Bad. Get a case with good airflow.

Cases I like:
Cooler Master N600. I reviewed it, then kept it and used it as my own rig.
fractal design Define R5. I reviewed it, then kept it, displacing the N600 and used it as my own rig.
The R5 is quieter, which is why I use it now. But the N600 allows for better airflow.
Also Good: be quiet! Silent Base 600 and Silent Base 800.

As for heatsinks, my favorites are from Noctua, the NH-D15 and NH-D15S. If you are on a budget, consider the Scythe Ninja 4 and the Fuma.

All the cases I cited can handle a full tower heatsink like those I mentioned.
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