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I need help please(t-bird 1.2 oem or retail or 1.1 oem, retail?)

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Feb 5, 2001
Alright i need help and these alot of different options. Right now i have a 1.2gha t-bird retail thats suppose to ship 2/22/01 (its been delayed the last month. Now i can either get that or the 1.2 oem. The thing that makes me want to get the oem is i can get it tomorrow. But i can wait till the 22.

The reason im unsure about the retail 1.2ghz is hw is AMD's fans noise and quality? Has anyone used a reatil around 1ghz or higher? Just so you know if i get a 1.2 im not overclocking. If i get the oem ill get the fop 32 with artic silver paste but im worried about the fops noise and i heard peoples artic thermal paste has foiled, can this caouse damage?

Now down to the 1.1. I said the reason why im not sure either oem or retail already above same thing here. But if i get the 1.1 i can use the extra money(im 16 and i have no job) to get the twin turbo and super duper slot fan from 3dcool.com . But the only reason id get these fans is becuz im worried about my 1.2 not having enuff cooling (retail or oem.) If i were to get the 1.2 oem or retail the only fans id get is the cpu fan and the fans that came with this case- http://www.coolerstar.com/atx400wmidto.html
Now if either the 1.2 oem or 1.2 retail will be just fine with the case and cpu fan then im getting the 1.2 the question only lies on retail or oem which really depends on how loud and good amds fan is compared to the rest. thanks.
Can anyone help at all? Also how safe is artic silver grease(whats the exact name anyway?) I heard it can foil hoew often does that happen and will ur cpu burn out immiedatly then? Can somebody give me any advice on any of these questions?
i wouldn't go for retail, not in the mhz-range your talking about. these cpu's get really hot. get a fop32-1 if you're not going to o/c, if you want the maxx try the fop 38 from globalwin. it's laoud but it coolz you way down. still got some bucks left? get arctic silver to get even lower temps.