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I need help selecting a case

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May 9, 2001
Portland, OR
My last thread didn't help me much at all, so I'll change the situation around a little.

I'm looking for a case. The following conditions are nessecary:

  • Must be a Full Tower size
  • Top panel must be removable
  • Must be room for a 120mm fan in the top-rear
  • Must be room for a 120mm fan in the front as well as below the PSU
  • Must be under $150 with or without PSU (I'll be buying a new PSU anyway)
  • Must be "single-width", not a "double-wide" or cube
  • Front bezel must not be asymetrical or oddly shaped so that a 120mm blowhole would look out of place (I.E., InWin Q500 or Superpower Zephyr KS-101). If the case already has excellent airflow (Such as Antec and Chenbro's models do), this stipulation is null and void.

If you own, or know of a case that meets these specifications, please post! I've been looking and looking, but Newegg and Directron's pictures don't clearly show some details. Sometimes there's only a single picture and it's only of the front, so nothing but the bezel's shape can be determined. Seeing as how I've checked back and forth through Newegg and Directron time and time again in a vain attempt to dig up information, I'm expecting that replys here will be from personal experiance--Newegg and Directron didn't provide me with the information I needed.

Brand doesn't matter.
PSU wattage doesn't matter.
"Tool-less" doesn't matter.
Color doesn't matter.
Height and depth don't matter.
newegg has several pictures of the chieftec da-01w (same as antec 1240) that show it from several angles. also i just noticed it they're having a special on it for 79.00 with PS. they want $25 for shipping, which is a bit odd: i ordered it a few days ago and paid 95+19 shipping.
Addtronics 7896a...

the thing definately has room for the 120 in the back and you actually have room for 2 120's in the front...

it has a filter running almost all the way down from the 5.25's to the bottom, so you wouldnt even need to get grilles (ie- it wouldnt look any different w/ fans in the front)

i chose not to get this case b/c i'm gonna buy some rotrons (2 Majors) and put one in the front bottom...it would have looked kinda weird/trashy with a huge fan in the middle of a filter, so i looked for a full tower case w/ absolutely nothing under the 5.25's

if you want something like this, get the InWin Q600...i know you already mentioned the Q500 (which looks kinda old to me...i thought one of my friends had something like this w/ a p120 when they were brand new, and i had a 486...), but in terms of price and modability, i guess its pretty good

My choice is the Chieftec Full Tower thats on sale at Newegg.com for $79 including PS , I ordered one after doing a lot of research on cases and who makes them.
Same company makes Chieftec's cases that makes Antec's and these Chieftec's come with a 420 watt Channel Well PS which is made by Sparkle, and they are rock solid on all thier voltages as I have also researched them.

Whatver case you decide on I wish you luck with it and if you decide to mod your case as I have, you can find cold cathode light kits at Coolerguys.com at a reasonable price.

Good luck,
I got the cheiftech w/ the 420w ps from newegg too, and I'm pretty happy with it. It's certainly a good value since you're going to replace the ps anyway (why not have a backup?). The removeable drive cages are pretty nice to have and there's lots of room to move around inside, mod the case, etc. Obviously, there are many many great cases out there, but I don't think you'd be at all disappointed by this one...