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I Need Help with my PCP800-E Deluxe

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Jan 17, 2004
I Need Help with my P4P800-E Deluxe

Hi. I have a 3.0C P4 processor. I have 1GB Komusa A-data Ram PC4200. The stepping of my processor is SLW6U.

I just spent a whole bunch of moola on this stuff, and now I can't get my FSB over 215. This makes me very mad, because I bought good ram. Anyway, here is what I am at with my mobo at 215.

FSB: 215
VCore: 1.55
Ram Voltage: 2.55

I've put my RAM at all of the slowest clock cycle settigns even. I would change my FSB:RAM ratio, but I don't know how.

I've raised my vcore to 1.65 to no avail. I've raised the Ram voltage to 2.85 to no avail. I've done both at the same time and the FSB won't go up further.

My CPU temps are always under 40 celsius.

I mean, this is complete BS. I'm new to overclocking, but I've heard of people with my setup getting 3.75 ghz on air. I can't even get 3.3 ghz. Please help!
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Apr 27, 2002
wash dc area
first of all set ur ram to 2.8v.turn off or down ur pat/gat settings make sure u use 3-4-4-8/2.5-4-4-7 timings. start off at 200 mhz 1-1,then work ur way up in 10mhz increments.u should be able to get240/250 out of the cpu on air.btw remember to raise vcore as needed...