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I need help!!!

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Metallica God

Mar 27, 2002
Whitby, Ontario
I am getting a new computer soon and I am not too familiar with overclocking my computer ( eg. fsb 100 MHz to 133 )

Could someone explain to me what I should do and how I should do it to overclock my computer so it would go even faster

thank you
Welcome to the forums.

First thing you should do is read the beginner guides on the front page. Look for articles that pertain to your motherboard and CPU. When you start to get an understanding of what you want to do, look for your CPU and motherboard in the appropriate forums here. You'll find plenty of information. Always remember to use the FAQs at the top of each forum, and to use the search function for specific questions first. Then, if you can't find an answer, ask your question in the correct forum.
Welcome to the Forums :)

The best way to learn about overclocking your system is to check out a few places here in the Forums. First take a look at the CPU data base located on the main page. That will give you an idea of what you can expect form your particular CPU. Second look around in the Intel or AMD CPU sections to see what people are doing with their Chips. If you have a fairly common mother board you can find out what others are doing with theirs by looking under the Intel / AMD motherboard sections of the forums.

Overclocking is 95% reading and experimenting. Feel free to ask questions here. Just remember to be very specific about your system. We will be able to help you a lot more once we know what kind of CPU you have and what your Motherboard is. Once we know those two things we can really help you get the ball rolling.