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I need P4 advice

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Mar 3, 2002
ok, I am new to intel stuff. The last intel I had was a 600 Mhz celeron. Ever since then I have been AMD.

I am putting together an Intel P4 rig. The current rig is a dual Athlon MP.

1, I want to use the 2100 DDR memory from the old dual board in
the new Intel rig. What is the fastest / most reliable chipset to
do this with?

2, Will 2100 memory take me very far? It is 512 mb of samsung
2100 in 2x256 dimms. Will this be maxed out at 533?

3, Chip and motherboard recomendations. I am looking at the
MSI and the Asus. Also looking at a 2.2.

Anything else I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance for the help guys.
i would definately say to get new mem, the 2100 is too slow.:( if you go with the ddr, 845 chipset, get a asus p4b533 board or the new p4pe ddr board. i would also stay away from the 2.2 chip. best chip to ge it going to be 1.8a or 2.a chip, or if you can wait, any chip with the new c1 stepping, as they will all most all be good overclockers
If you're hellbent on using that old ram, maybe you could wait a while for dual channel DDR boards. That way you can at least still reap some performance out of that material. But I agree with jdmcnudgent that it would be better to buy new stuff. How about Rambus? =D
Actually, that PC2100 RAM will probably work ok with a P-4 2.2 since the memory is rated for 133 FSB (if you use a 1:1 memory ratio). You probably won't get a 2.2 CPU much above 133 FSB anyway (probably a little less). The reason JD is suggesting better RAM is that most folks like to run the memory at a higher speed like 4:5 ratio for a little better performance and bandwidth.
whats the difference between a 1.8 and a 1.8a?

If I can't get much over 133 then there is no point in low multplier chips as I am going to be unable to jack up the FSB. Hmmm.. $200 for 512 mb of corsair 3500. Do you think it's worth it? anybody wanna buy 2 x 256 mb samsung 2100 ?? :D
quick update.

I have decided to order the Asus P4PE and a 2.4 Ghz chip from newegg. I will stick with my old samsung 2100 memory.

Best guess at an overclock anybody? I am also getting a cool master heat piper HSF. It is going in a case with 120mm blow hole in the side and a 120mm bow hole in the back. (been busy with a dremel) :D


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That all depends which 2.4 chip you get.

The 2.4A (400MHz) chip is one of the all-time great overclocking chips. Getting stable three gig on air cooling is entirely possible if your memory can run with it. (And that will be the big problem with your Samsung. Using PC2100 and two modules will really limit your overclocking headroom.)

But the 2.4B is a mediocre overclocker at best. The two chips use different multipliers, and the B hits the wall at 2.7-ish on air cooling.

Your memory is a wildcard, and will probably decide how far you'll be able to go with either chip. How far that is? I don't know.

Yeah, I think is what I will do. I have decided to get the Abit BE7-Raid insted of the Asus. But other than that I willl order the chip and board tomorrow. Should be shipping monday :)
140, thats pretty bad. I have a stick of micron 2100 that does 170 on my tbird. That is at cas 2.5 though.