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I need so much help.

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New Member
Aug 7, 2016
Hey everybody. My home server passed away this week. I was going to fix it, but a new motherboard is what I think I need and they are very hard to find / ungodly expensive. I am trying to figure out how to get a decent replacement for very light gaming and media playback to my TV.

Unfortunately, I think I will only be able to reuse my PSU, HDD, and video card. I am trying to get back running for under $175. What would be a good place to get a near complete used replacement for around that price?

Sorry if I don't make sense or am breaking a rule. Thanks!
What are the full specs on the original system and are you just looking for comparable performance or looking for an upgrade.
Not really looking for an upgrade, because that would probably fall outside the budget. The dead machine has twin Xeon 8 core processors, 24 GB of 1333 mhz ECC RAM and a Quadro 290 and 9800 gt GPUs. I'm sure matlab and some other programs will run a bit slower, but it isn't the end of the world. I would save the 850 watt psu and one of the video cards.
Why do you need a server to do what you do computing wise? How many workstations in your home are being served by (excuse the redundancy) the server?

Was this a Mac or a Windows based server?
The computer was sharing to 3 or 4 devices intermittently. It ran Debian with KDE/Plasma and I would occasionally use it for long running commands (8 days at full CPU/GPU utilization), but I can SSH into another machine for that work. So short answer, I don't need another server, it was just a very good deal when I originally purchased it.