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I need some help with my new computer setup!

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Mar 22, 2001
Alright, I just purchased and recieved an Athlon 1.33 processor 266 fsb, 256 meg stick of ram from Crucial of PC2100 DDR ram, and an Iwill KA266 Mobo. I've read the manual many times now making sure everything is right, but for some reason when I turn the power on, I get the power light and floppy drive light, yet it does not read from disk or make any sounds(except the fan). This is my first time building a computer, so I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me. I've switched in and out the cables for the floppy and hard drive, but still no luck. Im pretty sure all of my jumpers are correct as well, but I could be wrong. Any suggestions at all would help a lot.

Does the bios detect your hard drive at all? In you bios, is the first boot up option: floppy, then Hd 0?
Well It doesnt even boot up at all Nomis, so I assume its still set on default, unless there is a way for me to change anything on the board itself.

Azz Im using a Crome Orb from Thermaltake.

I still cant figure out the problem though and have messed around with it for a bit more now.
You're the second person I try to help with an Iwill KA266 and a 266MHz FSB T-bird but no luck. Sometime it could be one of the components that is dead or defective. No boot up for you that mean you can not listen to the beep code to see which component failed. Well, have you try manual set the cpu multiper jumper to 10X and 133MHz FSB instead of using auto detect and make sure the ram is well placed in the dimm slot. That all I can do for you. If you know someone with an AMD setup, maybe you wanna check to see if your cpu is in working condition or try their Amd cpu on your board. If not, get the people who sold you these parts for help and try to have a nice day.
Thanks Nomis.. Ya i've taken the ram out and put it back in place a few times. I havent directly tried the multiplier portion of the jumpers, but I guess that will be my next step. What is sorta weird to me is that it supports higher than 1.2 yet the multipliers only go to 12.5. I was kinda wondering if I had to do anything special because of this. Guess Ill try more when I get home today. Thanks for all the help and let me know if you can think of anything else I can do.
Natu, if your cpu fan is running than you motherboard is fine. It could be an issue between the ALi-MAGiK chipset and 266MHz FSB processor or your power supply don't have enough power. There are few people who also can not get their 266MHz FSB CPU to work, go to http://support.iwill.net/cgi-bin/eb...Board=MOTHERBOARD&Idle=&Sort=&Order=&Session=
There is a risky method by Smooch in getting his system to boot into windows.
You can also check on Amdmb.com Iwill mobo forum http://www.amdmb.com/vb/index.php

The 12.5X Multipler limit can be a negative thing about the motherboard but with 266MHz FSB CPU, the multipler is lower and you have a little more room. For people who have 1.3GHz 200FSB, they can down clock the multipler to 12X133=1596 or 11X133=1430. Also just set it to 12.5 and it will go to 1300 automaticly but it will be 12.5X104 =1300.
Just leave your FSB at 100/33, so it's not really a problem. I hope you can solve that problem of yours because I really want to know what the exact problem is.
this happened to me last week when i tried turning it on and the floppy frive showed it was working but i would not get any response but all i did was get pissed at it and hit it a couple of times and let it stay there for a day and when i booted it worked!!
After reading the manuel again i came across the VMEM voltage setting. I was wondering if this might have to do with anything? Its on the default 2.5v now, was wondering if 2.6 or 2.7v would hurt it at all or could be a problem?

Well, I tried moving the ratio jumpers around with no luck, still wont boot up or even beep. I scrolled through some of those pages you linked too Nomis. Someone said that if you didnt even get a beep to make sure the ram was in firmly, so I made sure, but still no luck. I really dont know what to do now, or find out what could be bad. I tried another floppy drive and cable, moved jumpers to hell and back, and checked the volt meter on the back of the power supply and its on 115. I kinda just wanna know if Im still doing something wrong, or if something is broke how I can find out which part isnt working. Any further help would be awesome.

if you can get your hands on another stick of ram pull the one you have in there now and see if a different stick makes a difference
Please tell me if your heatsink fan moves when you push the power switch. Heatsink fan not moving probably = dead motherboard.
What video card are you using and How many watt is your Power supply?
It could be the ram you got is no good. If you did gound yourself before handling these components and very carefully installing and not touching any circuitry. then, it is either incompatiable(unlikely, but also possible, the PC2100 just got released and reviewers were using the ENG SAMPLES) or it got damaged during transport to you. If everything shows some sign of life then the culprit will be most likely be the Tbird 1.33 266MHz, Must have a compatibilty problem with the ALi MAGiK 1 chipset. Have you contacted Iwill to see if the new 1.33 processor will work faultlessly on this board. If nothing help, then certain merchandise return is the only solution for now.

Did you read this one,

Anyone has any idea or suggestion to give would be great.
I read someone was able to boot when set the fsb to 100MHz, 10X100MHz=1000MHz. See if it will work for you. Another thing radeon video card is not supported untill the latest bios.
Did you clear the cmos before first start up ??

Always a good idea to clear it,some companys will on accasion ship a board with the cmos set to clear, so look at the jumper and be sure it is set to the correct setting.

I have had what appered as a dead system only to remember to check the cmos jumper and LMAO it has been set to clear,The boards are alll pre tested so that is why you should always clear the cmos.
Is the ur light on the floppy on all the time?
If yes, try to take out the IDE cable, turn it 180 degrees, and plug it in again.
Yep, I've cleared the cmos, but that only got my hard drive to start booting up. I still get no beeps nor does it check the floppy drive. Ive tried all the multiplier jumpers with no luck. Im using an Asus 7700 Geforce 2 video card and my power supply is 300w. Im really thinking about switching to another Mobo or something. I have no idea what the problem could be and its annoying me a lot, I just wanna use it!

Thanks again for all the help, if anyone knows anymore tips let me know.
Well, I've come to the conlusion to just send back my Motherboard. Im wondering what anyones reccomendations are on getting a new one for my 1.33 266 mhz fsb that supports DDR ram. I just want something that will work! hehe, im not a huge overclocker, but Id like a decent and stable board.
Natu (Apr 09, 2001 06:33 a.m.):
Well, I've come to the conlusion to just send back my Motherboard. Im wondering what anyones reccomendations are on getting a new one for my 1.33 266 mhz fsb that supports DDR ram. I just want something that will work! hehe, im not a huge overclocker, but Id like a decent and stable board.

i have the ka266-r revision 1.3 with crucial pc2100 and the radeon 64 vivo, no problems whatsovere, i've been up to 1.6 watercooled my 1.33/266 rock stable