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I need some help with my rig !

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Dec 12, 2010
I have a good gaming pc (my opinion) i`m gonna start with my rig then my problem :
GTX 460 oc edition palit
Asus p5p43td/usb3
2 sticks of 2 gb corsair ddr3
cooler noctuna nf-p12
source 750 CWT
Intel e7600 3.06 ghz (not oced at the moment)

So this is what happened : My rig was great until a poweroutage caused my power supply to burn so i got a new one i dont really know what CWT is but its 750 W unlike the other one noctuna 450W ...

so i got my rig back toghether and reinstalled drivers and windows 7x32 and when i open a game that i play(elite-silkroad) it work for 1 minute then it automaticly restarts with low or high graphics it`s the same thing it restarts .

I tried everything i reistalled my windows 2 times i tried running it in compatibility mode to xp servicepack 3 i tried CORETEMP to see if it`s overheating but NO it`s at 39* temp .

I really dont know what`s the problem everything is working fine it dosent restart if i`m not in that game . (and i dont think its the games problem cause on my laptop it works fine ...)

I can`t see what the error is , i disabled automaticly restart when system fails and it still restarts and dosent appear an error or bsod .



Sep 15, 2006
short version
try to use seperate power connection items, for the video card


arggg, what to do, you know that the power fried your PSU, so it might have done minor damage to your motherboard, or video card.
you cannot always see minor changes in silicon components , and caps , but if they were really screwed you could see that, by gleening over the circuitry , till your eyes bug out.

But lets ignore that for a moment.
right now your close to operation, you have things reset? did you reset EVVERYTHING? or just manually step things down?
even not overclocked sometimes i have to make settings that inprove stability , like say the ram.
then you know how to overclock, do you know how to underclock to test?

had you done any FOrced OC of the video card, with bios flashing?
do you really KNOW that the PSU is working good? i mean you replaced it, but mabey it is the one that didnt pass QC :)

oxidations, when i replace a PSU i have some undue fear that the things has sat on shelf for 2 years :) so i like to slide the connections in and out 2 times, to "sluff off any oxidations" on the connections. it doesnt hurt and doesnt take a big time or effort. that way when the real currents have to flow the connections are solid.

now lets work with the symptoms only:
the thing Bails out, call it restart , but you indicated that the power Bails, or a device tells it to shut OFF.
what can do that?
well the CPU being monitored highly , and overheated could tell the system to shut down, so we have CPU cooling and to high of overclock, did you bump the cooler when re-arranging?

the Video card could cause the system to bail on a full shutdown. that could be from the POWER. you just changed the power supply, some newer power supplies have Seperate 20Amp safety curcuits now. if you improperly arranged the 12v power connections, and both the mothebroard AND the video card were on a same safety curcuit, that could reach the 20amps and Boom, it clicks off. Also checking the seating on the video card, and the power connections on the video card.

the PSU itself bailing, overheat, or a short curcuit. it is possible that something else that got damaged could be drawing way more power now. if you had a power monitor, wattmeter, or voltmeter there are things you could check. likelyhood low.

101 other things

that is a threefur right there, your symptoms could be power, the power bails, you just replaced with a new power supply, power supplies are different.
analise the use of the power on the new power supply item, how things connect. try to use seperate power connection items, for the video card. and of course always observe your polarity and proper connection type for the items. like the 8pin video is not the same as the 8 pin for motheboard.
(not that the power supply is bad, just that some things have changed depending on the manufacture)

so many possibilites.
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May 30, 2004
Sounds like it keeps losing power for a split second.
(Like power flickering with no UPS.) (That happens sometimes with our power from Central Vermont Public Service.)

Like the transient outages we have, which may be related to one of the sub stations.