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I need some help

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Dec 24, 2021
Basically I got my dads friends pc for Christmas its an old one still good but doesn't run the games to the performance I want.
so it currently has a i7 4900k and 2 gtx titan (2014) blacksmith a rampage iv motherboard.

what should I upgrade to get better performance with my pc.
I appreciate all help
I would start with a good SSD if it's still running on a spinner HDD. Many of the 4th gen Intel boards had M.2 slots, so a good NVMe Gen3 should be a massive improvement for your "out of game" experience.

Depending on how much RAM is there you could consider adding more, but honestly I would just wait if you can for the rest of the upgrades. In about 6 months AMD should be releasing Zen4 CPUs. I would upgrade the whole system at that time. If you are an Intel fanboy, then get what ever i5/i7 you can afford with a decent GPU for whatever resolution you game at. Even the great Naustradamus can't predict what the prices and availability will be then, but supplies do seem to be slightly more regular right now.
I would start with a CPUz (multiple tabs) and GPUz screenshot so we can see a better spec/detail of your PC.
What OS is it running and is it a fresh install?
Has it been taken apart and cleaned lately?
Is all the thermal paste original?
I agree that a SSD would be a great add for some low cost performance.
Here's an example screenshot...

Get an RTX 3080, 3070 or 3060....than build a new PC. (and I am not joking) On the lower end RTX 2060.

If one of those GPU's doesn't get you the FPS you need it is time for a full blown upgrade. Also the only difficult part to acquire is the GPU. Start trying to get one now and if you're lucky you'll have one in a year.

What ever game (game's) your playing must require an awful lot, if a Titan isn't cutting it , even a 2014. What rez are you shooting for? 1440?
Well................ the processor is 4c/8t and older generation... what resolution do you game at? With 2x Titans, I'd imagine you can play most anything at 1080p/60/Ultra...but sweet jebus is that an inefficient setup.. yikes.

If I was you, I'd sell the GPUs, get a better GPU (see above) and play at a higher resolution to take some stress off the older 4c/8t CPU.

As requested above, please provide more information... RAM, resolution your monitor is at/you game at (see above).. etc.
there's the CPU z

I have 4 sticks of 4gb ram.

I am thinking of upgrading the ram.

Also currently using an old dell monitor at 60hz not sure what response time.


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1. That's a 4930K and 6c/12t... better than 4c/8t... :)
1a. It's on X99 platform and you have quad channel RAM.

I would update the BIOS, overclock that CPU and run 4x8GB of DDR3 RAM. You're limited by the 16GB of RAM and the older generation CPU...especially at a lower resolution.
So with the added info I would recommend overclocking the cpu as much as you're cooling will allow. If on stock cooling I wouldn't bother. Grab a good mid-grade sad and start saving for your next build. You don't want to invest in a rig that is now 8 generations old.
ok thanks guys

I am very new to this kind of stuff. I am on a water cooled system so shouldn't be worried about cooling at the moment.
how would I over clock and is there anything i should keep in mind