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i need some help!

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Feb 19, 2001
i would like to copy my tapes onto my hard drive or to my burner.my stereo is alredy hooked up to my computer through my sound card.i need either a good free program or the way to accomplish this through windows if possible i have the 98se ver. please any advice would help thanks.;
Hook your tape deck to your sound card, using the line in.

You'll most likely need a cable that has the 1/8th stereo jack on one end (hooks into sound card), and the RCA red and white jacks on the other (hooks onto tape deck). That all depends on the connectors on your tape deck, and the connectors on your sound card. Use whatever connectors required.

Using just about any wav recorder, you should be able to record as a .wav file anything coming through your line in. I'm pretty sure the standard recorder that comes with Windows will do this.

Then use your ripper to convert the wav to mp3.

That's how. Now, believe it or not, I played around with this a little bit myself, having a few cassette's laying around. I don't remember exactly what I used to create the wav from tape, but I'm almost certain it was the standard Windows recorder. The results were less than stellar. It may have been just me, but I doubt it. The sound quality after all that was dismal. Play an mp3 that you ripped from a cd, and then play an mp3 that just went through all that above. You'll cringe...at least, I did.

Give it a try, if you want. Me, I took a listen, and unhooked it all. It was a total waste of time. Unless sound quality isn't an issue...heh.