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I need your help in cooling down my Celeron 566

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New Member
Jun 24, 2001
Hello everyone

First my specs:
ABIT BH6 rev 1.0
Celeron 566
256MB PC-133 RAM

I'm trying to get my celery up to 850 MHz. I've managed to get it working @ 1.95v, but it will crash when I load a 3D app. Since 3D card problem is excluded (see my post at intel CPUs), it's probably too damn hot.

I need some suggestions how/with what to cool it down.

Currently, I have a sink which has standard lenght & width and is 5cm high. On top of that I have a standard CPU fan. On the side of my case I have two 10×10 fans, one is blowing right into my CPU and the other into my 3D card.

What do I have to improve to get my celeron working at 850 MHz?

Thank you for the info
buy a better heatsink. i have a celly 566 and i run it at 954 right now. i have an alpha pal 6035 and a delta 38 on it. make sure your using thermal grease and not a thermal pad too.
Yes I have thermal grease.. Now these alpha and delta things would be coolers? Any URL u can supply?:)

i've bought some stuff from here before. they sell alpha heatsinks.

one thing to concider. you might not want a delta fan because they are very loud and you need a 3 to 4 pin coverter for them. but they are the best for air cooling.