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I need your honest opinion..backed up by experience

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Nov 29, 2001
Greensboro, North Carolina
I want very badly to unlock my XP1700+...I just unlocked my duron 1ghz(the pencil trick) and it is now over clocked...I have my XP1700+ running at 1.65Ghz (11*150), and im convinced that I can get higher speeds out of this CPU (my memory is no brand pc2100..and i can get to 155 if i only use 1 stick) if I raise the mulitplier...I hope....

My question is for those who have unlocked XP's:
What is the best, easiest, and most permenent ways to unlock my xp??

Any replies would be appreciated..

well how much higher were u looking to get? the xp's are hard to unlock i know i tried to and failed soooo i just decided to get some nice new pc2700 ram i should see more of a speed increase that way anyway since my whole system would be running faster and not just the processor
BUMP..cmon people..lol..I know there are lots of people who have unlocked there XP's..

bobt17..Im looking to break the 1.7 barrier...I really want to up my FSB more..but i need to unlock my XP so i can lower the Multiplier....
i havent done it yet. i havent really needed to do it. but follow the link in my sig. The thread has many different ways to unlock your CPU.

sorry i cannot give you my own testimonial.
Personally I used a conductive ink pen, clear nail polish and masking tape. It worked much easier than crazy glue and scoth tape. I also used part of a carpenter knif blade when I was removing the tape so the ink wouldn't come off with it. It only took me about 15 minutes.