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I now have the money for new mobo..need feedback quick

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Dec 19, 2000
Woodbridge, VA
Hi guys,
My girlfriend has now given me the ok to buy my mobo. You could call it a Valentine's gift..thumbs up to Holidays..even if it is a chick's holiday..I can get a mobo

KT7A-Raid..recommended board of choice?

Current specs:
Duron650 L1 factory unlocked
REV3 CAS2 PC133 128meg Mushkin
Alpha Pep66
30GB IBM 75GXP 7200RPM
SBLive! X-Gamer 5.1
SX830 Antec Case 300W PSU

The reason for Raid is so I can stripe later(upgrade-ability from my current single HDD)

Any recommended vendors?
The Pep will fit right?

This is like Christmas for me so please offer any words of wisdom.

hhhmmm don't know about that one, but i have the abit kt7-raid board now, everything works great except for the drivers in windows me for the raid, for some reason it won't install them or it brings my computer up in safe mode, kinda sucks, i think it has something to do with win me though, but i'll play with it to see what happens
According to the [H]ard OCP review, they couldn't find any hsfs that wouldn't fit on it - the orbs were a bit awkward, but why would you want to use one of those anyway? I assume they would have tried the PEP66 as it's one of the most popular socket A coolers, so it should be alright.
Ok Rob,
Strtaing to give me cold feet.
Seriously, put yourself in my shoes

Would you get the KT7a-R if you already had the AP66 or should I look for another cooler?

Thing is, I already have the AP66.don't really feel like getting something else..damn spent I don't remember how much on the Pep but that would truly suck if I couldn't get it on the KT7A-R and had to get another cooler..but if I have to, I have to.

What would you do?
I'll just check around for some other articles, I want to know cos I was considering the KT7a-RAID for a new rig in the summer - depends how available DDR is when I buy. You could always mail Kyle at http://www.hardocp.com - he ought to know, and I'm sure there must be someone around here that does... let's hope they post.
I sent an e-mail to Kyle. Hopefully he will get back to me.
This is what his review stated:

. "Superior cooling requires room to put it on the board, and we have seen many boards lately that were jam-packed with so much crap around the socket that many coolers will not fit. The KT7A still has a close row of capacitors on the first-clip side, but it seems that this will only cause you problems with the orb coolers. Still, even those can be modified VERY EASILY to fit. We did not have any HSFs that would NOT fit on this board. In fact, if you look at the larger images closely, you will see where one capacitor has been moved from immediately in front on the clip. It is nice to see the board engineers thinking about these things at least."
by: Kyle Bennett [H]ARD/OCP

What do ya think?
Yeah, that's the bit I'd read - I guess they'll have the PEP66, so presumably that's included when he says "We did not have any HSFs that would NOT fit on this board". Best to check with him though - could you post with his reply, so we know for sure as well?
Sure, Hopefully he gets back to me.

If not within the next couple of hours, I may go ahead and get it.

Do you recommend any vendor's through your own experiences. i have checked pricewatch and the user evaluations.. These guys seem pretty decent
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I just called PC Hetz..reason being is that I saw that they offered free shipping ..price is $164, but in looking at their evaluations one guy wrote that PC Hertz called him letting him know that the GoldenOrb that he ordered may not fit on the KT7A-R properly.
So I decided to call them and ask about the Pep on it..(why not right?)...they were very familiar with the Pep and said that there would be no problem.

Well, since the Golden orb was originally designed for Slots, not sockets, and thermaltake's new Gorbs fit socket 370 and 423(P4), so I'm not sure why the guy would have even ordered it(and its an orb too - :p). I would consider it a good thing that the vendor called to let him know that, it is a sign that they don't simply take and fill orders with no concern for what or who they are selling to. As for the pep66, just suck it up and go for it. It'll be fun, right?
Go to www.2cooltek.com & see how he modified his PEP 66 to fit on his Abit board. He moved the fan facing the side of the case. I just purchased a Asus A7V1333A board & now I hear it isn't a true RAID Board. Should have waited for the MSI M/B.

Ok..I was hust on Tom's Hardware and there was someone saying that the capacitors are too close for the Pep and it won't fit.
Jesus..this is a trip.
OK gents, help a man get off of this subject and on to a purchase...pleeeaassse for the love of God.

A7V133 or the Abit KT7A-R...and my Pep

get the KT7a-RAID!! it benchs higher then 75% of the new DDR mobos!!! you wont regret it if you do!! i'm getting it soon. SO if the pep doesnt fit, order a new hs/f and seel the old one!!! thats why i'm getting the FOP32-1

i'm pretty sure the pep fits on the KT7a-RAID.
if they say yes, its good to go!
I concur. Though I have the non A version. Rock stable
and a good workhorse. Don't forget to send flowers or
something, in all the excitement.
Well fellas, I just did it.

Microbarn got my business for the KT7A-R.

I agreed with the hsf comment. If it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit. Just have to get something else. At least I know I have gotten an excellent board.

Now I can build my system. I have been at this since early December.
I really appreciate all of your help.