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I/O Voltage Question

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sgt. york

Apr 20, 2001
Have a quick question, I'm using a Asus A7V133A mb and my I/O Voltage is set to the jumper default of 3.46 v. There are three settings:

1. 3.3v
2. 3.46v (default)
3. test

Is this default setting OK? I thought my system needed to be set to 3.3v. When I check my voltages on Asus Probe I show a reading of 3.52v, is this too high? Should I set the jumpers back to setting 3.3v?

Here's my system:
AMD Athlon 900@109 = 981 MHZ
Asus V7700 GTS/2 32 mb
512 pc133 ram
30gig ATA100 7200rmp
SB Live 5.1

Thanks for any help offered
That setting is just fine. If you get to experimenting with higher FSB speeds, you some times bump it up a little more.

As hoot said, your settings are fine. If you start uping the FSB then you could up the I/o more to gain stability.
The setting on the motherboard does not always translate to a perfect 3.46 volts or whatever.... on my KT7A, a setting of 3.4v translates to 3.48 volts on MBM5. It's just a general indicator.