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I really don't get it?

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New Member
Jun 21, 2001
hi guys, you know what I find weird its that so many guys say that the ati radeon (64 vivo) is gr8 but then there r those guys who after purchasing there cards are getting hopeless and then post their messages every one with different problems. For instance I have also bought a radeon 64 ddr (well geforce2gts was priced a bit higher and I kinda went after the 64 ddr: yes I am new to the 3d field) but I was amazed to see that my radeon was not peforming faster than my riva tnt2! in Nsf 4.
My system is an old pe@450, intel 440bx,128 (pc100), 8gb (5400rpm). i think that my specs r low for my 3d card, am I right?
but still honestly u guys who own a radeon how proud do you feel about your card?
Well, I had a Voodo2 in my old P2 300MHz, and when I changed to a GeForce2 MX, my FPS didden't raise very much.... Untill I got my Duron! I think the Radeon is to fast compared to ur processor. What good is a fast vidcard when the CPU can't give it something to work with? Have u overclocked ur Pentium?
A game which takes advantage of the gpu will be a lot faster on the radeon, also the performance differance between 32bit and 16bit on the radeon is very small, if you are only playing at like 1024x768x16 then the tnt2 and the radeon will be very similar, but start using 32bit colour and high resolutions and you will see the differance. NFS4 isn't the most up to date game either, try comparing quake 3 between cards and you'll see the differance, on my tnt2 I found that 1024x768x16 or 800x600x32 was the best I could achieve a playable frame rate at, a radeon will still be playable at 1280x1024x32 and look dreamy