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I saw a wicked 120v fan yesterday....

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Jan 11, 2001
it was in the home depot. they have fans for ductwork in houses. the fans are in a short peice of heat duct and are different sizes and ratings.
Unfortunately, most 120VAC fans don't get good press in the OC groups because they don't represent a Plug-n-Play solution inside most cases. Its a shame too, because they typically deliver better performance for the same form factor than their 12V cousins and often quieter. If the average user has to cut a hole for the AC cord, or put in a relay slaved off the 12V coming on in order to control the 120VAC fan, he/she is often dissuaded from pursuing it. I've got some Rotron 80mm Sprites that put most 80mm 12V fans to shame. Ditto on some Pabst AC fans. I have one 92mm Pabst that is so powerful, it needs a motor start capacitor. It really puts out for an axial fan, yet the noise is very tolerable. It's just a bad image issue. 120VAC kills, 12VDC doesn't. At least not nearly as likely...

I got most of my collection from where I used to work. we built custom test equipment for our computers used in the military. When a tester was yanked from service, it was sold for scrap. I usually got to them before the scrap dealers came in to bid on them. Most electronic surplus warehouses have tons of both axial and centrifugal fans. We are lucky here in the Twin Cities to have 3 or 4 of them. Dank, dark , smelly places full of treasure at pennies on the dollar. Yet, there is not a decent PC component dealer who doesn't overcharge. Cheapest you can get a 1G/266 T-bird in town is like $225.00 vs $169.00 mail order.
Go figure...

dasouthernocer (Mar 27, 2001 08:17 p.m.):
Where do you get these at these sound very interesting :).

You can find a variety of fans at http://www.allelectronics.com They deal in new and used, and you can often get some super deals. One word of caution with 120v fans. There is a schoolof thought that AC fans cause electrical interference inside cases. Just to be on the safe side, I install ferrites on my fan lines to reduce electromagnetic interference.