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I scored big time at the local hardware store

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Dec 19, 2000
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Talk about good service at my local hardware store. I was looking for clear plastic for some waterblocks but they said they don't stock anything thick enough. I went in the back room with the guy and low and behold a few scraps of 1/4" plexiglass. I ended up with about a square foot for $2.50. I also scored a few feet copper tubing I'll use to solder on instead of barbs for some other blocks I'm making. Earlier today I ordered a few bars of copper so in a few weeks I'll be making some sweet blocks. If I can order some blue or purple LEDs I'll try using them in the waterblocks so my Dye Lite glows. Cant wait to see how it turns out.
I'm going to use this design and try a spiral design also. I hand grind the blocks so it won't come out all smooth inside but thats ok since it helps with contact area.


Way to go! There are definately some good deals out there, got to keep looking for them.

I thought it appropriate that my 50th post should be on a Bender thread.

I shure was inspired by his design Sam. I'll probably make a block for the P4 and one for the athlon. If I can make something better than the current maze 2 blocks I'm using I'll be very happy.
same story here -- for those looking for some 1/4" plexi i always find the amount i need at home depot in the trash area from old cuts.... usually i get it for $1 or so.... nice ;)

Plexiglas is real brittle and will break very easy. It will not tolerate any stressing at all. You’re better off using Lexan if you’re making a cover for a water block. Not to say it can’t be used, but I have drilled and tapped Plexiglas at work and you better have the holes just right. Brass barbs are an NPT thread, which is a tapered thread. As you tighten into the plastic the brass barb will be getting bigger. Lexan is very forgiving without cracking or shattering.