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I think i broke my computer

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Apr 28, 2003
I was going to put my cpu on to a diferint mobo but then i figured out that icouldent so when i put my pc back together it booted then it shut down then i checked the cords and the power and tryed to boot it again and it comes on but nothing shows up on the screen it sounds like the fan is going realy fast to

can sombody help me
The first thing you want to do is reset the CMOS, it is different on every motherboard but there is usually a jumper near the battery that is labled CMOS or clear CMOS (it will be in the manual and on the motherboard makers website). First unplug your computer from the wall, then pull the jumper off of the pins it is on and put it on the other ones (there are usually 3 pins, with the jumper on 1 and 2 for example, just pull it off 1 and 2 and put it on 2 and 30 for a few minutes, then put it back, plug in the comp and see if it will start up.

If that doesn't help then you will have to reseat whatever you took out of the computer (CPU and RAM or whatever else you took out). If it still doesn't go try reseating everything, even the stuff you didn't touch (ie video card).

As a last resort you can take out everything except the CPU, video card and one stick of RAM, if it still won't go try clearing the CMOS again and think about ordering a new CPU.

Post back and let us know how it goes or ask any questions you want. Telling us what brand and model of motherboard as well as other system components could help too.
Make sure the HSF is seated properly. If it isnt the processor will overheat , if its an Intel( no specs to work with) it will shutdown before going thermal. Not sure about AMD. Oh and hope you used some type of paste ie: Artic Silver,thermal pad,etc
I would reseat everything first. Make sure you didnt bend pins on the CPU reseat the RAM then just run the video card with CPU and RAM. See if anything comes up. If it doesnt then reset the CMOS. If thats a no go reply and let us know exactly whats goin on.
ok first of all i didn't even remove the cpu just the heatsink from it
because it is soldered on and i have a built in vido card so i have no pci cards at all and i reset the cmos and just the fan comes on when i power it up

But the first time i did it there was the boot screen where you push del to go into cmos setup

but then it shut down by itself after that and now when i try it just the fan comes on
It doesn't sound good, my best guess is that when you first turned on the computer it posted/started to boot up but then the cpu overheated and died, thus the sudden shut down. Now it won't boot because the CPU is dead, that's just a guess but it seems pretty likely.

The only things you can do are reseat the RAM and try to clear the CMOS for a longer period (some people have stated they have to leave the clear CMOS jumper on overnight to get the CMOS to clear, I have never seen that). If that doesn't help pull the heatsink off and have a look at the chip itself, mainly the core/die... see if their are any obvious burn marks although it could have no visible marks and stil be dead. This is when you would want to try your CPU in another board but it sounds like you won't be able to do that.

In all honesty it sounds like a dead cpu and since that one is soldered to the board you will have to get a new motherboard too, although from your first post it sounds as though you already have a new motherboard.

Best of luck.