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I think I found out y my temp readings were wierd

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Jan 11, 2001
I was using MB monitor and figured out that its displayign my mobo temp as the temp thats inside my bios, ie i think its my cpu temo, isnt it? its around 30 C and thats what every one else seems to be around, so i guess thats what was wrong that MBProbe program was telling me I wa at 57 C for my CPU temp and 30 for my MB temp so well maybe thats what everyone goes by is the mobo temp no tthe actual cpu temp.

Even when i ran my Celly at a default 600 Mhz hte MBProbe read CPU temp at 57 and when i put it back at 900 it still read 57 bu tthe MB temp wenmt from 28 to 30 so im guess thats what people are using as their cpu temp, **** maybe it is the cpu temp i dont knwo where that sensor is locted.

Its just wierd that MB Monitor says my cpu temp is 30 and MB Probe says I have a MB temp od 30 and a CPU temp of 57, oh well.
I don't know and I hope someone else will come up with an answer for you. Maybe the 57 is right, but maybe it isn't. The slocket may be causing the difference.

If you use CPU Cool what two temperatures are present?

Can someone confirm if the readings are accurate with the slockets?
I'm just a newbie non-overclocking (til I get my Hardware) shmuck, but are you sure youv'e got Mothreboard monitor configured correctly?
Exactly. If you choose the wrong options with any of the monitors that allow you to configure yourself, then you can make a wrong choice. That is why a program like HWDoctor or CPU Cool can be used to check your system. Actually, I amend that. HWDoctor as installed from your own motherboard manufacturer is fine but it can weirdly be affected by Motherboard Monitor. So the only automatic one as far as I can tell is CPU Cool. I don't think I remember weird number with than one.

If you have HWDoctor on your motherboard disk (setup disk that came with the motherboard), then I would suggest that you uninstall all the other monitors temporarily and then install HWDoctor. If you are lucky this will give you the right results. As I said before you can also try CPU Cool!!

If you do find more reasonable numbers on HWDococtor then you can use the options presented on Motherboard Probe or Motherboard Monitor to pick the right sensors and sense points so that the read out will be correct.