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I think ive messed up my over-clocked PC..

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New Member
May 10, 2022

I have here my custom built 2016 PC, I can't remember or even find the company, it was pre covid and they were based in the UK.

Anyway, the pc was a custom build and not cheap, over-clocking and PC's in general are not my best subject at the moment, (too much going on inside my head), anyway I beleive I have messed up the over-clocking settings, my bios also seems really out of date version wise, I am gettiong issues regarding slowness and sluginess, currently windows 10 64 bit. Its beyond me. More issues than normal, Ive done the usual settings to check for spyware etc, its made no difference.

Some help would be appreciated.

My current pc specs and settings can be found here: https://valid.x86.fr/dqp67e

Welcome to the forum. I would start by resetting the BIOS to default settings. You should be able to do that inside your BIOS, usually on the save and exit tab. If that doesn't fix it then we can start looking at other options. It could be anything from throttling due to heat problems to hardware failure but we won't know until we get it to stock settings and unhook things.

Also you might list your pc specs instead of a link. :)
+1 ^^

Reset your BIOS to stock. You've got a locked processor so I'm not sure how much overclocking you're actually going to get out of just the BCLK anyway.

If your BIOS is outdated, update it! Your CPUz link (it is best to list your hardware, links can be scary!) shows what BIOS motherboard it is (Asus Z170-P). You can go to the website and DL the latest version.

All that said, I'm going to guess your performance issues and sluggishness is just from a tired installation of Windows. Is it the same one since you got it several years ago? If I was you, I'd save anything I needed, wipe out/format your OS drive and put a fresh installation of W10 (then see if it will upgrade to W11 if you aren't averse to doing so).

Maybe consider upgrading your storage/OS drive to a faster-than-SSD PCIe M.2. I think your board supports PCIe 3.0 x4 and those drives are relatively inexpensive at this point (PCIe 4.0 drives are the newest $$$).
Hey, I really appreciate both of you helping me so far, My Bios would not reset, It took me ages to re-install windows and even after that I had even more issues, anyway, eventually I found the command code and managed to throughly wipe the SSD clean and now its better but still not quite right.

I did manage to get the Bios updated so a big thanks for the idea and wow its pretty amazing in terms of difference and graphics.

I am noticing that my PC is a lot noisier than before, so am now thinking maybe its dust, the inside cooling fan has never been cleaned and thats over 5 years old, - so any advice re cleaning the fans inside and near the processor would be amazing thanks.
My Bios would not reset,
There's literally an "F" key that resest to default. SHould say something like LOAD OPTIMIZED DEFAULTS when you hit the button.

It may be noisey due to the fans being reset from the BIOS and/or dust. If you haven't cleaned it in 5 years, do so. Canned air is a good thing... so is an air compressor, just make sure it's not spitting out moisture. ;)
To add to E. Dog's comment, when blowing out with can or compressed air do not let the air spin the fans. Put a finger on the CPU fan before blowing out the CPU heatsink, for example. Letting the air spin the fan can (rarely) damage the fan bearing.