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I think someone should have . . .

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Chainsaw Senior
Aug 19, 2002
Redmond, Washington
I think that Microsoft should have taken it upon themselves to inform people of the more minor differences between Windows XP Home and Professional. While my complaints are minor, I do not appreciate the differences in the way the user has to get things done. Unless there's something really wrong with my computer and my install and all of my 10 or so re-installs, Home doesn't come with gpedit.msc, you can't log in as administrator without going into safe mode, you can't have nearly as much control over other users, etc.. While I knew that Home avoided a lot of the Pro frills and such like multi processor capabilities, multi domain logins, and major control over the whole system, I din't know that they failed to include such minor things as I mentioned above. I do not intend to imply that MS should have included more features for half the price of Pro, I just think that they could have informed the public better. Lastly, because I have Home, the tips that include using gpedit.msc etc. don't work for me and that really bugs me. I don't mean to nag, but it really bugs me. If anyone else has noticed differences, I'd love to know about them because I'm currently deciding on getting Pro or not for when (if) I go to college.



Jan 2, 2002
go with win2k pro and save some bucks, its better. Really why would m$ waste time telling why you are spending $100 on a pos product when you could be spending double that. M$ doesnt care which you buy, they get lots of money either way.