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I think this is Not a Good Score!

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Oct 21, 2002
I use the Madonion 3dmarks2001 se and only came up with 11364. That was stock, I did not overclock or do anything to the system. I'm still reading and learning about ocing. Just want to know what you guys would suggest to bring the score higher. I'm expecting a g4 4600 to goes around 13000-16000 but dont' knwo hwo to do it yet. give me some advice to oc too.
2 easy ways to find out what moboard you own are open the case..and look around..you will see a company name on their somewhere..or download sisoft sandra and it will tell you the model of your mobo. Now when you find that part out, go to the manufacturer's website and download the latest BIOS. (if you are new to this, go into your bios BEFORE you update it and write down some of the main settings) Also be sure the machine is never turned off somehow during the writing process...or your screwed. OK next, boot up your machine, log into windows...right click and exit all programs besides basic ones on your lower right-hand screen that are unnessesary and disable antivirus if u have it on. Try benchmarking now and see what you get. To OC you go into the bios and up the FSB speed...careful doing this..do it in really small incraments.
That score is a little low, but actually not too bad considering everything is at default speed. The driver was probably set to the default "best image quality" instead of "best performance", so changing that will help. Use the 40.72 drivers and Rivatuner to OC it a bit and you should hit 13k, no problem. :)