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I think this one is for the pros

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Mar 3, 2001
Hamilton, Ontario
ok, about a month ago i had the great idea to connect a length of dryer ductwork to one of the AC vents in my basement, and then connect it to a hole/fan in the side of my case, i have one question

Will this setup create condensation????
Air conditioning systems normally remove most of the humidity from the air as they cool it <which helps make it feel cooler, the humidity actually condensates on the air conditioners cooling tubes>. So I seriously doubt you'd have any condensation issues with such a setup.
samuknow (Jun 25, 2001 03:17 p.m.):
Is this your only air inlet source? If so you should be good to go.....

no, i also have a 80mm fan at the front as an intake, one at the back and one at the top as exhausts, should i not use the other fans???
Well, what I was thinking is that you are forcing cool dry air into the case along with warm more humid air. This might cause a little moisture. I would use just the AC as an inlet and maybe a blow hole. Try for a little pos case pressure. This will keep the warmer room air out.

Let me know what your temps are before and after. I have been thinking of something similar..

Good luck...
as long as its the only air coming into the case , it will not condensate ON THE INSIDE,, it may on the outside though depending on room temp ,,BTW it will also really kick arse :)