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i took off the hsf on my geforce 2, and holy crap-

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Mar 19, 2001
i took off the hsf on my geforce 2, and holy crap was i surprised. the "heatsink" (wich i dont even consider a heatsink, )is a piece of almost paper thin steelwith turned edges to hold the fan. the fan was this tiny piece of crap that looked so pathetic its disgusting. . . what may be the worst part of it-when i took of the gpu, there was a circle of thermal compound on the "heatsink", just a circle nothing in the middle. at least 90% of the chip wasnt even touching the heatsink. boy am i glad i checked it before i installed it. i'm planning on buying the thermaltake blue orb, it looks like a nice cheap ($10) hsf to replace it.
LOL, a circle you say? and i thought mine was bad, it was about the size of a penny, maybe a third of the chip was in contact with the 'hsf' and i've been saying for months now, the heatsinks in nvidias reference design are crap. i honestly think the fan blowign striaght on the gpu might do mroe good sicne they never wanna properly apply a thermal compoud
Heheehhehehe....LOL. That's a very hidden secret by the card makers, heh? Well, so was my LeadTek GF2MX DH Pro! I took off the heatsink and wo wo wo....wait a minute. It had like an uneven surface contact and the thermal paste they put it there was barely like a circle, with one side big and one side small, and it was roughly 65% surface was not even touching the heatsink to begin with. I put ASII on it and sure enough, it make a sucking contact and I was glad. It's terrible how the heatsinks are mounted onto the GPU and other processors/chipsets in that matter. Pretty poor quality for sure.