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I want to clock this ****ty computer!

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New Member
Apr 2, 2002
Gothenburg, Sweden
I want to clock my computer, it is a P2 400mhz, 384mb RAM, GeForce 2 MX 400, 8+35gig HD..

I dont know how i should do it, because I cant do it in my BIOS, because it is "locked" in some way..

Does anyone know how to clock if not in BIOS?
What is the WORST that can happend if I clock the computer?
How do I know which is the optimal speed?

IBM does not allow overclocking just like most brand name computers....you could look on your motherboard and see if there are any jumpers to set fsb if not you wont be able to oc without using a proggy called softfsb but i am not exactly sure how to use it....(im sure someone else can help you with that)

but there are some risks involved with overclocking....cooling is essential without it you risk frying your components....but i dont think youll run into problems as i doubt youll get very far...400mhz is near the peak of a PII's speed i would not expect more than 500mhz if you can get it to oc....
If there is a clear CMOS jumper on that thing, try using that to reset the BIOS. It might work, it might not. Most P2 mobos didn't allow BIOS overclocking, though, so it may not make a difference at all. If not, then Funnyperson's about right. For SoftFSB, select your motherboard brand and model and use that... if it's not there, try and set it up by selecting your clock generator instead. Most I've seen are made by Winchip these days.
You can also use a program called CPUFSB. You'll have to open up your case and look for a little chip and write down some info to use it. I am not familiar with SoftFSB, but it will probably require the same.

If you still can't overclock the sucker, go to the motherboard manufacturer's website and find its specs. You should be able to throw in a lot faster celeron for not too much money.

Good luck!