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I want to get the 120mm-80mm fan adapter, which 120mm fan should I get?

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Senior Member
Dec 24, 2001
Shasta Lake, California
Right now, I'm using the 80cfm delta on my AX-7. I want something quieter, but I will not sacrifice ariflow. I'm looking at the 120mm Clear Ultra-Cool with 89cfm that is alot quieter and the YS Tech 120mm 131cfm, which is just slightly quieter. Will the extra 42cfm make a massive difference?

oc jason

Senior Member
Feb 12, 2001
Fayetteville, AR
you can buy my Sanyo Denki 120mm 103cfm fan. It is one speed and is 39.5 db. That is ALOT of AIR for less then 40db.

Look in classifieds.


Jan 12, 2002
I'm not to bothered about the weight of having an AX-7, Adaptor and 120mm fan hanging off the socket, cus I'm going to make use of those 4 holes on my board some how.

But will 120mm fan with an adaptor work as eficianlty as a 80mm fan? Cus I was thinking with the fan being futher from the HS, wouldn't it impact on temps? And also I read somewhere that CFM doesn't always make the difference in temps when current comes into it, wouldn't a 120mm fan run at slower RPM, less current and less flow?

I'm all for the idea, but I want to be sure first.