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i want to OC my cpu just enough not to bottleneck my vid card

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thats how iv been except the oc part lol this is probably the most up to date system i have ever had and iv been building computers since i was a child, but never really got into getting the most out of my machine till now, so i figured i have the best of 2 years ago what can it do lol well where i live there isnt any computer junk yards so to speak infact we just got a best buy lol befor that it was all walmart parts -.- so nothing local was good and the closest place was frys 5hrs away......and yes i had Eist enabled thnx allot on that one lol should i drop my voltage back to 1.25 im at 1.3v now and Eist was enabled the whole time.
ok EIST is off and unstable at 1.29375v cpuz is still off by .0400 not as bad as it was though bclk is still at 170. i have something in my BIOS called CPU thermal monitor which when cpu reaches threshold it reduces clock ratio and voltage. you think that is something like EIST that should be shut off or leave on cuz it sounds like a good thing to save the CPU from becomeing molten gold square fuzed to MOBO lol
1.32500v almost completed stress test though cpuz was saying 1.25v this time and i was at 1.32500v so is there something else other than EIST i need to turn off that is controling clock and voltage to cpu? or am i in a voltage volly?
1.33750v once RAM usage reaches 100%..crash, this is during stress test, cpuz saying 1.268v why is it that far off, everywhere i read on this app they claim accurate as hell blah blah. so iv come to the conclusion that there is something else other than EIST holding me back...hmmmm....
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OMG where is the stability

bcclk 170 at vcore 1.35625v unstable once RAM is at 95-100% used in stress test also cpuz still states that voltage is at 1.268v the last 15 stress test have become unstable once RAM reaches 95-100% the next selectable voltage for the vcore is 1.36250v......i really want that 4.08Ghz clock......debating on this long and hard......

current unstable oc settings *sigh*

cpu clock ratio........16x
IOH core.................1.140v

EIST is off, no other know settings like this are on, not giving up just thinking....worst of all im out of cigarats and it is now 5am where im at....4.08Ghz.....the fact that it is almost finished with the stress test before it crash/memory dump.....and temp doesnt even pass 65 during stress test.....should i set vcore to 1.36250v?!?!?!????....????...run a test...could burn up the die with just air cooled setup...:bang head .....:fight: ...sleeeeeeeeeeeppppppp....zzzzZZZ
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^ lol get some sleep and come back to it tomorrow. You will not burn up your cpu with a voltage of 1.3625 the cpu is designed to run safely at that voltage. You will only see damage if you go over 1.4v without proper cooling(I have seen 1366's at 1.5v with extreme cooling).
ok slept good, wake up increase the vcore a few times, now it makes it 2 the second or third cycle of intelburn maximum stress, before crash so i am very close. to think if i would have just changed the vcore a few more times i would have had a good night lol well thats the way these things work :clap:
Based on your temps being well under control, you're safe at 1.4V....but make sure you watch the temps when running the stress test :thup:
my temps are just now breaking 70 under max stress and its like 72 and my voltage is almost to 1.5 and my inside case temp is at 22.2 so all is well so far bout to run 1.43750v i have a few more vcoree setting till i reach 1.5v i think i might be able to pull off a 1.5v but definately not as a 24/7 and that is only if i can get it stable. im thinking 3.9Ghz or a little lower is what ill be able to achieve for now till i add a few things to improve the cooling the 4.08 clock just isnt gonna happen with what i have. basically if full load temps go above 75 or right at 75 its a no go cuz during the summer this house gets really hot hotter than the temp outside and thats with the a/c running lol
when oc is the comp suppossed to take longer than normal to boot

Not if its stable no. Should be faster actually. I did not read the whole thread so if you are not BCLKing excuse me (965 was unlocked right?)

But BCLK might require a little extra voltage in spots, Miahs guide is very helpful, but sometimes a little ICH voltage is needed too, especially if you are running a number of, or high speed storage devices.

Also monitor your IOH and ICH voltages ( bench your rig and if they are geting hot, add cooling, I have not used the Gigabyte board you listed but I know some X58 boards were not adeqautely cooled especialyl on the ICH. And that can cause slow downs in boot process as well as BSODs or BIOS corruption warnings.

Lastly teh issue with bottle necking.

I ran a 6850 and was able to game well at 1920x1200 resolution. So yes you are bottlenecking your GPU, but if you do not notice, who cares?

Teh main thing to look at here, is what res are you running, do you use high levels of AA, and how many monitors are you powering?

If runnign Eyefinity at even 1080P I doubt Ocing your CPU will help much more than it would even if using an normal (IE not high end not low end) GPU. that is, faster CPU 99.99% of the time will help in 3D benchmarks simply because CPU IS still used to run games. Especially multi threaded ones.

If your res and AA levels are low enough not to be stressing your GPU, then OCing the CPU can help to provide more data for the GPU to render. But once you have reached XXX frames per second it is moot. Except for benching competition, there really is not going to be a need. If your GPUs can push 250 FPs if you clock your CPU to 5 GHz, but run well over 100 FPS at stock CPU speed, is the extra power draw really necessary (not only on CPU but increased GPU draw as well).

Obviously when maxing out the latest and greatest games an OC might help go from great to astounding gameplay frames, and in the future might even be necessary to stay functional. But for now you should be fine :).

console ports might benfit from cpu clocking though. at least poorly coded ones.
my card is set to the factory OC and im just running 1080p as of now till i get my 4 other monitors, so my cards clock is i wanna say around 830Mhz for each GPU, bclk was at 170 so i could get 4.08Ghz on my CPU but ambient cooling isnt enough *sigh* so now im at bclk 165 at 1.4v and running stable so far i just grabed a random voltage that seemed good with my experience trying to oc bclk at 170. temps are at like 75 tops so imma try and see if i can get lower voltage while keeping stability and lowering temps. cuz i am planning for this to be a 24/7 clock. im running intelburn and it just finished with the first cycle of 5 at 32.396 Gflops so fairly faster than what it was, high 20s, so i am aware i will still be bottle necked even at 4.08Ghz. i just wanted to see if i could get it as a 24/7 with heat sinks and air, but i think the 3.9Ghz is way more attainable. the ex58 has a great built in heatsink with combinable liquid block that cools the southernn part of the board and it stays no higher than 43 and that was just recently with me trying to oc to the 4.08Ghz so im not too worried theere. also i have a dual bios setup but if temps get that bad u think some thumb sized copper sinks on top would help? also the MOBO has a lot of built in safty switches to keep me from burning up anything that it covers BIOS included, the safty feature is the comp just shutting off at an adjustable temp setting which i curently have set to 80.

now as for the bottle necking games like crysis i get like 30fps with card pushed to the max, which was a huge disapointment i figured about 70-80fps, thats when the bottle neck issue was brought to my attention. 30fps was fin barely noticable in normal game play, a glitch or 2 when there was allot of explosion and combat but nothing real bad.
:bump: sucsessful OC bclk at 165Mhz at 1.4v lucky guess on my part on the voltage first try lol

:blah: now decreasing voltage to lower heat hopefully i can pull this off and keep my stability lol
i know that bclk 165 at 1.4v is stable passes intelburn with 5 cycles at 32Gflops highest temp was 76 so hopefully lower V = lower temp + stability:screwy:
i ment 250, i have no idea what i was thinking when i typed that lol sorry about that didnt mean to confuse yall or me even