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i want to OC my cpu just enough not to bottleneck my vid card

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Are you just using IBT for stability? You should also consider running prime95 its a must for 24/7 overclocks.
:bump::clap::cool::comp: I have successfuly OC to 4.0Ghz i uploaded a pic as proof and just ran a stress so everyone could see temps Cpuz and real temp and intelburn. thanks again guys this will not be my 24/7 clock but i wanted to get a 4.0Ghz clock :attn:

didnt use x16 clock ratio switched to 24x much easyer to stableize to 4.0Ghz not a true 4.0ghz oc but good enough for me and it is stable but temps are 10-15 from Tjmax so it will not be a 24/7 till i switch to liquid or desighn a Co2 cooling that is more perminant
thanks again everyone for your help, and patience with my retorical questions etc. i will also benchmark my cpu and upload a pic soon for benchmark junkies again thank you

special thank to:


again thanks guys for all yalls help
Nice job :thup:

Also HWmonitor is a great program for monitoring system temps, voltages etc. Also It is also useful for checking vcore patterns which is very handy when optimizing overclocks.
thanks pwn ill definitely check it out. and i just noticed in my thanks i forgot the person who gave me the guide:rain:


ps. miah congrats on those world records i heard about
hey pwn tryed prime95... i couldnt tell if it was putting a lode or what it was doing but i used hyper pi to test for the 24/7 heard a few good things about it but i have prime running in case hyper was wrong so far so good, so thanks again for that tidbit. and HWmonitor....Nice wish i woulda had it in the beginning lol oh well live and learn and learn to live lol
Our .net counterpart are our mortal enemies....we beat them earlier this year in a highly disputed win of the "Forum Wars" overclocking competition.

But, it's all in fun and games :p
lol oh wow thats cool i didnt think that kind of stuff happend any more lol
so tru im addicted all ready me and my roomate are researching how we can use Co2 as a perminant cooling while keeping sub zero temps with the whole pressure blah blah he is the engineer im just the guy with a cpu to be juiced up lol hopefully we can get this the hardest part is desighning a block with a return valve but the block also needs to transfer temps well as well as holding pressure while also cooling the air inside the pc case as well as the cpu and all this with a tank from a paintball gun, were hoping. that way its perfectly silent, aside from fans, and maintains sub-zero temps :) its still a work in progress lol
any ideas are welcome being it is a work in progress and we have free access to all the Co2 we can get... lol oh and im playing with the sig stuff so dont mind that plz lol
:shock::cry:and so ends a cheap quiet way to cool:rain: i knew about phase changing seen some crazy OC with it, so we figure we'd try to make a quieter way to cool while doing something similar. im no physicist or chemist or whatever that falls under the category under, but in theory it seems using Co2 would work with some kind of return line so there would be constant pressure, the Co2 turns liquid, which in turn creates sub temps,as long as the tank had more pressure than what was in the lines, the presssure would be constant...*sigh* what a disappointment. oh well looks like its back to finding other ways to cool that are cheap besides a radiator and some Dex lol
lol exactyl, thats what iv been doing thus far lol, tweaking everything now that i have a sub-basic understanding on these things, i just wish i had the money for phase changing then i would be unstopable lol, or at least i hope, but 900$ wow ima keep researching. and i will find a cheap quiet way to cool, and i will reach my goal, by the way is furmark and hyper pi a good benchmark as far as GPU and CPU? wow i just realized i am way off the topic of this blog and have been for some time lol
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It's a common misconception that to benchmark you need a ton of money. Yeah, those professional guys like Miah are going through tons of LN2 and different hardware all the time, but remember they're sponsored and not much if it is coming out of pocket. You can always bench with what you have, on air too. They separate air/water/subzero on HWBot, I'm pretty sure. I looked into the benching team but never actually joined.

But I'm just going to leave this link here and say have fun my friend. :D
hey thanks Knufire, like i said earlyer im doing research and rebuilding all my old pc's to get the hang of this gig, iv always liked computers but the area i live in...lets just say they're lucky to know what the "start" button is lol.. so i havnt been able to really get into this stuff, but now that i have found a legit OC blog site that isnt *** holes, .net counterpart, i can do this, plus im going to school to get degrees in mulitiple areas of computers from networking to computer engineer. i know thats allot to do in my short life but hey if your gonna do computers, do it right. so hopefully all that will help out with this and maybe just maybe i can do this as a hobby, the whole OC team thing. start school this January so wish me luck.