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I want to oc the sh*t out of my gf2mx200... HELP!!!

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Jan 4, 2002
I have a crappy Forsa gf2 MX200....

i am trying so hard to use nividias coolbits but the info i have:


does not work can anyone help me.... oh yah im running win 2000

nividia software version

Athlon 1.2mhz @ 1.319mhz
Asus A7A266
Swiftech MCX370 CPU fan
2x 80mm 3000rpm case fan
384 mb sdram PC133
Forsa Geforce2 64mb MX200
SB LIVE 5.1 Value
quantum 20gig 7200
Maxtor 80gig 5400
yamaha cdrw 4x4x16
sony 52x cdrom
45c idle, 51 full load
boot into safe mode, uninstall drivers, then uninstall video card in device manager, then install new drivers.....

then install RivaTuner you can get it from www.aoafiles.com
Also try Det.22.50 & 22.80 some systems perform better with one of those.

Your core should go arround 200-220 (safely with hsf ) and your
memory arround 180-210 (depends on chip quality)
Replacing the heatsink on your video may also help. As may adding a second heatsink to the back of your card. But you'll want to add the one on the back with a thermal pad, not arctic silver, as ASII can be electrically conductive, and that'll short the board.

www.tennmax.com has some good video card and chipset coolers.