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I want to overclock my i7-2600K - any advice?

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Yeah.......... 2600K's/Sandybridge is limited to the maximum multiplier. No matter what voltage or how cold you get it, the max multi is the max multi. You can try to push with BCLK (103-105ish), but it was well known these have HARD CPU multiplier walls.

You can find it on ambient, even. There's threads here somewhere covering that. But, IIRC, if it POSTS, the multi is good. If it doesn't try to POST, the multi is bad. 54x seems about the median for those chips.
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Those are power hungry when going over about 4.5GHz. And in some cases the 54x multi can be skipped by going to 56 or 57, YMMV. They are also not very BCLK frriendly. 103?? maybe but it isn't suggested. imho you will need super cold to get it at 54x I havent really seen much above that barring world record 'boot ups'. Again ymmv. You go above 1.5v to get there as well. At the time they came out most could safely go to about 4.5GHz on 1.35v(45x by 100BCLK). Above that they get HUNGRY !!! lol hope this helps abit. I actually still have one running in the next room. It's used as 'her' daily driver. Popped an SSD in it and tbh it runs rather well for what it is. :)

I can't think of why anyone wouldn't use an SSD on anything Win7 and newer....

And here I just gave my Sandy Bridge an honorable retirement to The Collection. My tinker box 4770K is noticeably faster than my clocked to the moon 2600K.
Thanks again guys. I’ll have to try just putting a 56x or 57x multi and see if it will boot. I was able to get a 106 FSB running but the comp would BSOD at 54xx. No 55xx was possible :-( With a straight 54x multi and 100 FSB it BSOD when I touched the slider in windows for a 100.1 FSB :-(
I’m currently on a MOBO kick from the past. If I can get this RIIIE working with a FSB faster than 218/19 I might go back to the AM3 side :cool: