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SOLVED I Will KA266 Problems

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I have the 2 systems currently, both are similiar except one has the I-Will KA266R and one has the version w/out Raid. With the KA266 I cannot get it to run with only one Stick of Mushkin PC 2100 128mb. I tried both sticks that I have, alone, and it would not display just a long beep. However, together in DIMM 0 and 1 the computer boots up and works fine, just not with one. However, this computer is for someone else and I they need only 128 mb of Ram. Plus these sticks are expensive. ANYONE have any ideas? This is the system w/ problems>

1200 mhz T-BIRD
I-Will KA266
Mushkin 128 mb PC2100
Maxtor HD 40 G ATA100 7200 RPM
A Open DVD
Make sure your bios settings are properly arranged, then make sure the stick is ALL THE WAY IN, Iwill boards memory slots are hard. It MUST be in the slot FARTHEST from the cpu. Do you have the bus speed jumper to 100 or 133? Need a bit more info. Look at sig.
I tried both sticks in the slot farthest away and I get nothing. I have one stick working on my KA266-R working in the middle slot. However using only one stick my KA266 w/out raid setup will not even display. Why does it need to be in the farthest slot? Also I have the jumper on for 100 fsb for both. Also the the jumpers are on auto for the chip. Both chips are unlocked now. I even tried both chips on the KA266 with one DIMM. These boards are crazy. I also get weird errors when using the KA266-R every once sometimes it won't post or it will show only 30mb of memory when booting. What setting to you have in bios?
Ouch, either you have a bad stick or a bad board.... if its only seeing 30mb of memory. You do have the memory seated ALL the way in right? Both white tabs should be in the grooves, and you should see NO gold connectors on the mem module if its in right. As far as the slots go, bank 2 1 0 is how its arranged, if you only have 1 stick, putting in slot 0 (farthest from cpu) is the best thing to do. If its running in bank 1, I don't know, maybe you should try hitting up www.amdmb.com, and go to their fourms, they have a section strictly devoted to Iwill boards. I had problems with mine, but i'm leaning twords the possiblity that it could have been windows causeing my problems all along. Sometimes, mine wouldn't post, and when it did, it would be fine in the bios, and in dos mode, but as soon as you fired up the windows install, most of the time, it would not make it thorugh it, and sometimes, even if it did make it through, when it booted into windows, and starting doing its thing, it would die again, and when it crashed, the power button wouldn't work, had to switch off the power supply. If you hit the reset button, it would reset, but do nothing, no beeps, no vid, no nothing. I sent that one back, just got a new one...hope it works better then the last one...heehee...now if only Cole would send me another reservoir to replace the last one I had to send back....a week ago. :)