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i5 2500k overclocking with stock fan

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New Member
Feb 16, 2016
well i thought it'd be time to overclock my i5 which i've had since it was released. I bought a new hdd, new ram sticks and a 970 and was about to buy a new cpu but i thought overclocking the 2500k might be a better idea. I have the stock intel heatsink/fan and i have a single fan thats part of my case. My motherboard is P8H67. Is it possible with this motherboard and stock cooler?

Also why is my fan staying around 1900-2000 rpm even though my cpu is at 80c idle? I will change the paste tomorrow morning but still why would it spin that slow? I changed fan options to turbo in bios but its still spinning slow. I played a game at 98c cpu temperature for an hours according to realtemp readings, but my fan didn't go into helicopter mode like it usually does, and my pc didn't shut down either considering the temperature. What could be the problem?


Dec 29, 2004
City of Sin
I would not touch overclocking until you get those temps down. Idle temps at 80c is insane and even worse letting it hit 98c. I believe Stock cooling in highly not recommended for overclocking and is only meant to be used for stock clocks hence why it's given with said CPU. Get a nice aftermarket cooler, get those temps down and then start the venture.


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Aug 5, 2002
Yikes, you'd get better results even at stock bringing down those temps if that is actually accurate.
My suggestion is to blow out the case, clean all the fans. With temps that high you might have to re-apply some thermal paste on the CPU/heatsink to bring temps more in line. You shouldn't be more than 60-70C with the stock heatsink running stock I'd say.

My OC'ed CPU idles around 30-35C and loaded is mid 50's at most with a large heatsink.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
Its pretty clear that thing is mounted incorrectly in some form... as the others have said, you need to get that in order before you overclock. If it is mounted properly and you have decent airflow, you should be able to overclock some on the stock cooler... but not as it sits!
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Dec 10, 2003
Try pushing the push pins down on the Heat sink fan, then check to see if it moves after that, check your temps at idle again.