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I5 6600K Paired w/ Noctua U9s questions

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New Member
Apr 11, 2017
Hey guys,

new to overclocking, but i just wanted to throw some praise at this deadly little Noctua U9s that im cooling my 6600k with, and hopefully compare my results to other setups, and get some reassurance that this is a solid OC.

im really surprised with the performance - I achieved a stable 4.7 ghz OC @ 1.36 vcore with max temps hitting 74C after one a 1.5 hour AIDA 64 stress test. In fact, the only time one of the cores broke into the 70's is when i stressed the GPU for about 1/2 hour to see what the temps would look like with most of the heat producing components humming along. Most of the AIDA 64 temps were showing in the 53-65 range for the majority of the test.

Gaming for a few hours in BF1 @ Ultra the temps never broke 60, with the max temp hitting 58C using HWiNFO64 for monitoring. Temps mostly staying in the low to mid 50s the entire time, even dipping down into the mid 40s. Ghost Recon Wildlands @ Very High was basically the same.

Idle temps seem to be a TINY bit high from what ive been researching prior to doing my first OC - with temps in the mid 30's, highest ive seen at idle is 38C. Still shouldnt be somthing to worry about should it?

room temperature is 23C.

My setup is:

mobo: Gigabyte Gaming 3 z170
CPU: I5 6600K @ 4.7ghz
cooler: Noctua U9s (1 fan)
gpu: GIGABYTE GTX 1060 WINDFORCE stock clock
ram: 16gb hyperx fury @ 2133 mhz
case: s340
and a couple 250 gb ssds

did i just get lucky with my chip or have others had success with this cooler? would you guys say this is a safe OC (again it seems like it is from what research ive done, but maybe im missing something).
I was considering getting a kraken but after seeing these temps is it even worth it anymore? when i eventually upgrade the GPU to a 1070 or 1080 will that increase the temps much?

thanks guys.