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I5 skylake temperature spiking

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Oct 19, 2001
newfoundland, canada
I've had a strange issue with my I5 since I got it in January. The temps constantly spike whenever I do anything(even opening chrome). It jumps from 28 to 50 or 55 degrees then drops back down but it spikes constantly. I have even had my pc shutdown from high temps. I have re-seated the Corsair A50 and applied new Antec formula 6 nano paste but it still spikes. I am using "core temp" for monitoring, and no overclocking at this time. It sounds like a heat sink mounting issue still but I know that it is tight and not moving on the cpu.

Any suggestions? Or is this a normal Intel thing?

I used this same setup on my old AMD Phenom II X6 and never had anything like this for temps.
Well, spikes are quite normal upon (any CPU) use...55C is nothing as the chip is good to 100C which is where it will thermally throttle. We tell people to keep stress testing temps under 90C. It does sound like a bad mount though.

That aside, when it does have a load on for an extended period, does the heatsink get warm to the touch? If you push down firmly on the heatsink, do the temps drop? What does your thermal paste spread look like?
I checked the heat sink and it is seated properly, but I did find out that the ASUS tweaker was running which does overclock the CPU but it was running in the background with no tray icon. I disabled it and temps have dropped to low 50's, even when gaming. I guess any overclocking will require a more hefty heat sink. Thanks Earthdog!
How High was the temperature getting when you were playing a game, What Heat sink are you using? When you use automatic overclocking the Temperature will be much higher than manual overclocking.
The cooler is a Corsair A50(older but still good). The temps hit 70 with that auto overclock, they hit 54 without the OC while gaming. So I will try some manual overclocking later.