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i7 2600k @ 44 random lockups, idle, load

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Dec 15, 2012
Hello Overclockers,

first post for me, was more of a silent reader so far.

My problem shows itself unpredictably, sometimes after an hour after bootup, sometimes after six days. First of all I have to say that I read several i7 Sandy Bridge overclocking threads (one of them on a different forum was over 1300 pages long, I nearly read half).

My computer locksup, without a warning, and only a hard reset helps (when I press the reset button, it takes five seconds, then the computer switches power off completely and startsup as if I pressed the power button).

I really can't say that it's the common idle freeze. Yes, mainly the computer is not under heavy load (while browsing the web, listening to music etc.) but all personal computers are mainly in idle I suppose. The lockups also happened during mediocre load using several Virtualboxes, letting postgreSQL batches run over big databases or watching a HD movie via VLC Player.
EDIT: I changed the thread title because yesterday the lockup happened during heavy load (video encoding and database maintenance altogether). The Coretemp was 56°, so I can't call it "idle freezes" anymore.

I have to say that I tested settings under Windows 7 32 Bit and computer was rockstable @ 46 multi and offset -0,025V, Turbo +0,004V. But Windows is not my OS of choice, rather I'm using Linux Mint.

10 seconds after booting into the desktop environment of Linux (called cinnamon) the system locked up (again, with the same settings that were rockstable under Win7 for 24h prime). So I had to adjust settings once again, do all the testing, tweaking and exploring. Now I have a somewhat stable confiruration, but as I said, lockups do occasionally happen and it's really annoying since my PC is my workplace and it costs me money (and of course time and nerves) to suddenly lose data.

SO, coming to my hardware specs:
i7 2600k Sandy
ASRock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3 (newest BIOS)
32 GB (4 modules) Ripjaws Z (F3-14900CL100Q-32GBZL)
ANTEC High Current Pro PSU (two versions avaiable, 1200 W and 600 W, both tested)
Antec H80 CPU Water Cooler
3x OCZ Vertex 2

One more important note: I'm using Sandy's onboard GPU since my system is more of a hybrid between server and PC and I don't need a fancy PCI-E GPU. I have two Full HD screens attached to the mobo, one via DVI and the other via HDMI.

Below you'll find the BIOS screenshots.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Best Regards,






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I read the OP from the following thread where another user has similar problems under Windows: Random freezes with P8Z68 and 2600k.

Some statements I'm adding to my OP:
When I say 'freeze', I mean the sound from the video playing would start repeating obnoxiously (like, right out of a youtube poop video).
same here

I've never had any temperature problems with the CPU, but I have always noticed the heatsink next to the CPU (on the VRMs) are exceptionally hot.
With my systems that just happens while running prime with 8 threads, but I guess then increased temps are normal.

I also ran memtest @ stockspeed of 1866 Mhz several times (took quite a while for 32GB) without any problem.

Thank you txus.palacios for the fast reply. I know this thread and I already read it and tried to implement the information given there. I'll try reading it again now.

May I add that you should not overclock your workstation. That costs you money.

Unfortunately there's a good reason for overclocking this workstation: I need the highest possible single core speed, since postgreSQL just uses one core for each connection.
I changed the thread title and added some information due to yesterdays' freeze.


I updated the kernel and the Linux Mint version, but also changed some settings. I can't definitely say what caused the lockups, because back then I was experimenting with BIOS and kernel settings quite a lot.

Currently I'm stable at 4500, experience infrequent freezes for about 10 seconds and I would say 5% of these freeses are permanent and I have to hard reset.

On the forums they say it's because of the GPU (I'm using the Intel HD 3000 onchip).

Maybe I could take BIOS screens and you could glance over them?
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This sounds like what happens to me when a graphics driver crashes in windows. Have you run memtest? Also occt is a good program for figuring out issues like this, but I don't know if there is a version for Linux.
Memtest was just fine, even several passes. I also tested RAM within Linux, tests are much more comprehensive and stressing than Memtest. sysbench comes to mind. Also, these test are more "real world".

Yesterday I experienced something very odd. As you might know, most games on linux use openGL. While I was playing a game, in the backround youtube was open within the browser. Within a few minutes I experienced several of the mentioned semi-freezes.