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i7-3770k Overclocking Assistance requested

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New Member
Nov 29, 2016
Need some advice on whether or not I am going to fry my CPU.

I decided to Overclock it after Delidding the CPU and putting Cool Laboratory Ultra on all Matting surfaces. I use a Cooler Master Evo with 140mm Fan and I have achieved 4.7GHz Overclock with vCore set in BIOS at 1.385. I only turn on the computer when I am using it, so It is not on all the time. How I found the Stable Overclock is by using Handbrake to Encode a 2 hour Blu-Ray. I would increase the multiplier first and then Encode the Movie, when it would bomb out before finished, I would go back into the BIOS and increase vCore by .015 and run Handbrake again. It would go further but bomb out, so I would just repeat the process until it successfully finished the Encode. I am newb to overclocking, but I have heard of people using prime 95 to do the overclock and it taking 24 hours. I just did not see the point in that, because I will never use prime 95 and handbrake maxes the CPU out 100% while in use and it only took about an hour and half to find the stability point. So I am not sure if I should have done something different. Right now my real time specs in CPU-Z 4.6998 Ghz., vCore 1.392 and when Handbrake is running the Temperature peaks at 80 degrees C.


Benching Team Leader Super Moderator
Dec 19, 2012
You'll be fine. Rendering is hard work and if your uses are typically light then you'll be golden. Temps fine