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i7 @ 4.4ghz

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Oct 14, 2009
I used to be able to run 20 passes of linX with my old 4gb ocz gold ddr3 underclocked to 1300ish mhz.. now that i have the crucial ballistix 6gb ddr3 1600, i can run 2:8 @ 17xxmhz, but now I cant seem to get 4,4ghz stable? Is this something to do with the RAM?

i7-920 d0 on evga x58 sli le

my bios settings

cpu clock ratio: 21x (turbo)
cpu host freq: 211
uncore freq: 16x

w/out vdroop;

cpu vcore: 1.475 (it was able to be stable at 1.44 before)
cpu vtt: +300mV
cpu pll: 1.850
dimm voltage: 1.65
qpi pll vcore: 1.35
all ioh/etc at auto

memory at 17xxmhz, 8-8-8-24-74 (would changing to CAS 9 help?)

qpi freq @ 4.800gt

with the ocz gold, @ 4.4 with linx I didn't break 70*c

Any one got any suggestions, advices? I would like to know if i can change any setting to get a balanced setup and get this thing stable with lower v's


Senior Member
Feb 16, 2008
East Coast
If you were running 6x mem, 13x uncore before, then you are running both mem faster and uncore faster and mem controller has to work harder.

I would try increasing vtt first, and bring cpu vcore back to just 1 notch higher than had stable before. could also bump the vdimm volts up one notch just to check and see, since running 1688 mem mhz.

If that failed, you could try 9,9,9, but try above first.

If that fails, I would then back down to 6/13 mem/uncore and make sure you still can get that stable (ie make sure cpu vcore requirement did not change). I assume you already checked ram at 1700mhz with cpu multi down to 19, by your comment it works at 17xxmhz? Which again suggests uncore or imc issue, which is vdimm and vtt, may be mostly vtt.