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i7 4790K Longevity 4.7GHz

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Jul 31, 2013
I have an i7 4790K CPU on an extreme IV rampage MOBO. In the BIOS there is an auto overclock setting for the CPU running at "Gaming Level" 4.7MHz. Seems to be running fine, I haven't done a proper stress test. I tried the extreme level running 4.985MHz and my computer wouldn't even boot lol Anyway my question is this, can I leave my CPU at this overclock of 4.7MHz 100% of the time, assuming heat isn't an issue and it's stable, or should I go to the lower auto setting of 4.3MHz?? I'm running a 360 and a 480 radiators cooling my MOBO and CPU. At the moment I have my Titan being cooled in this loop however I'm going to install the 980 TI on its separate loop. (Don't want to keep disassembling that loop every time I get a new card) #lazy
What temps are you getting? I run my 4790k at 4.7Ghz 1.320, since you said it was the automatic overclock, it probably set the vcore value too high, use cinebench to test your voltage limit (voltage that gives you a blue screeen) Probably will be around 1.270, increase 4% over the value and use it normally.
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Assuming temps are in order, it is the voltage that is really important here. Keep voltage under 1.4-1.45V daily with temps in order and you will be fine.
I got lucky and have a water cooled 4790k at 4.7Ghz 1.32v core and it runs cool. I'm using the Asus Maximus Hero with an EK Supremacy EVO cpu block and 2 Sapphire Tri-X 290s under water with EK full blocks. I'm using an external Watercool MO-RA3-420 rad so plenty of cooling capacity.

I used the auto OC tools at first but then manually tweeked to get the vcore voltages down. It took awhile but my system is solid.

Since you have custom watercooling you should be fine. BTW, did you spend the extra $$ ($23-35) and buy the Intel OC protection plan?

Finally, why a separate loop for each one? With a 360+480 rad combo you have plenty of rad capacity for both the OC'd 4790k and the Titan.
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