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i7 6700k vs i7 6800k

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Sand dan Glokta

Jan 8, 2016
Brooklyn, NY
I've been planning on a build this summer and was going with the 6700k, but since the new Broadwell-E CPU's are out I'm deciding whether I should go with them or stick to skylake.
I'm stuck between the 6700k and the 6800k.
My rig will be mostly used for Gaming, Photoshop, and maybe even some 3d printing when i get around to it.
Personally, I'm going with the i7-6850k. Reason being, I use my PC for years before I upgrade. My current rig is Q6700 on a x48 board with 8GB of RAM. My coming upgrade is i7-6850k, new X99 model Mobo, 32GB DDR4, SSD and a GTX1070 gfx card. Having more cores will only benefit you in the mid-long run in my opinion. There may be such an issue in Photoshop (haven't heard of it myself, but Photoshop is a heavy piece of software), but be assured that any such issue will be dealt with sooner or later - as most of their users have or will move on to multi-core (more than quad) rigs. As for gaming, the frequency of each core matters more and so the differences between 6700 and 6800 (or even 6950x) is less pronounced. That's the main reason cheap Xeon CPUs are less attractive for gamers even with their bigger number of cores and much lower price.
Well, depending if you overclock or not...

Broadwell-e seems dull in this matter, and IPC improvement compared to Haswell is really low.

I'd go Skylake.