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i7 7700k Temps going nuts - Vid included

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Aug 7, 2018

So since I bought this pc 6 months ago I have this problem,
but its getting worse now and I'm fed up :(

Basically my Cpu even though cooled by a 100 GBP cpu cooler (H100i V2) is showing insane themp fluctuations:

This Video is shot in idle with only Opera browser open and the two displayed apps running.

As you can see the thems jump from 60 degrees to 100 instantly and back again, but remain very high overall

And yes my core voltage is high at 1.36 v - 4.8 Ghz (if I give it less juice pc doesnt start) but even if I put the cpu at 4 Ghz with 1.28 something voltage, the same fluctuation remains.
The themps don't go down.

The main problem with this whole thing, is that because of the insane themps, the cpu throttles itself down as you can see in the vid
and in cpu heavy games like BF1 the cpu litterally goes down to 2.8 Ghz.
Even with my 1080ti I only get 60 - 80 fps on low settings with my 165 Hz monitor - LOL.

Back when I build the pc myself and I came to the installation of the cooler, it was a bit awkward and it seemed,
as if the screws that connect the MB to the cooling block were not making a good seal, but as I pulled all screws in If felt like I got a solid contact between
coolingblock and cpu.

Dont know maby it wasnt a good fit after all?
It almost seemed like a manufactuerer error, where the MB holes for the screws didnt quite fit properly
and thus not resulting in a perfect fit so that the actual cooling block is not 100% pressed on the Cpu perhaps but I have no way to tell,
as I can't see that angle.

My system is this:

Cpu: i7 7700k @ 4.8 Ghz
Cooler: H100i V2
Gpu: Aorus 1080ti
Mem: Corsair DDR4 16 Gigs 2800 Ghz @ 3100 Ghz Corsair (I dont actually know what its running at because monitoring programs and bios tell me different storys, or i'm just dumb x))
MB: Asus Strix Z270F Gaming
Power: Corsair 750W Gold plate brick

(Edit: I remembered also that I put the cooler on performance mode, so the fastest It could run, in the corsair themp app)

Please let me know, what you think the problem is and how I can fix it.
Thank you very much for helping, I do apprechiate all answers :)

Sincerely Jelly
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Seems like a poor mount of the cooler honestly. Idling at 60C, even with 1.36V is incredibly high. You should be around 30C on idle.

Logic says remove the heatsink and remount/look at the thermal paste spread.. does it cover everything? Regardless, reapply new thermal paste after cleaning the old off and remount properly.

The h100i fits that board so nothing should be 'off'.

EDIT: "VID" = stock voltage. Vcore is what you want to say about your voltage outside of stock. :)
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Wow that was quick and even the Boss himself I'm humbled :D

Ok so you think it is definetly a wrong mount, thank you for letting me know then I will have to figure it out.
I will buy new colling paste and detatch the cooler and see what I can do.

Worst case I might have to buy a new Cooler :(
proberbly goiung to buy a air cooler then because I dont want to spend so much money again and may have it fail again lol.

But thank you very much for your quick answer Sir! :)
You do not need to buy another cooler, just mount that one properly. :)

But definately get some new thermal paste. MX4 or something of the like.
Ok got it and I really hope you are right, not that its a faulty cooling unit oh boi x)
Hopefully it's just faulty brain :)

And hell yeah I just found some MX4 I bought in reserve in the old MB case, I will have a go with that :)

Ok so I found a screw that was not correctly holding the cooling unit on socket and I thought at first that was the problem.
So I fixed the screw so that all 4 screws would petrude to the same length and cleaned the cpu anf cooling unit from old paste and applied
a fair amount of new paste.

Screwed everything back together and connecting the pins to aio_unit etc and well,
I made a new video how it looks now in idle and unfourtainatly it seems only slightly better I think.
It only gets down to the 45 degree range when it clocks itself down to 800 mhz x(.

I am very sure now that It is no longer faulty physical installation.
maby I have a very bad cpu, got very unlucky with highly sensitive one maby?
I don't know.
Is the pump running? Plugged in properly?

Does that idle temp slowly go up over time to that 60C?

Still feels like a bad mount.

Pics of the paste application?
When I touch the pump pipes I feel vibration and the corsair logo is glowing,
So I think it means at least the pump is working, I hope.

No the themperature keeps itself bouncing between 55 - 100 degrees now,
throtteling cpu speed to cool itself I think, because it is not getting cooling from cooler maby.

Listen now please, I just found out 2 very strange things:

1. Unbenannt1.jpg

I put my hand around fan section and I felt only air going in the direction I marked.

2. Unbenannt.PNG

The cooler does not even show up on the Link corsair app! 8O

Paste was good I think, sorry dont want to take it all off again please x)

But going back to 1. I think maby the airflow is wrong and
the cooling liquid is maby not cooled because of the direction of airflow??
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1. Im confused about your case airflow. Too. Whatever it is, be sure front/sides are intake, top/rear exhaust. That said, the airflow doesnt look that bad.
2. Should it? Ive never used it and that screen looks like a system summary page...

So, what i DID see was that it appears the cooler isnt mounted properly. I believe the intent is to have corsair horizontal and readable? Check the manual and confirm what the proper orientation should be. Use a bb size or small pea size blob in the middle. Take a pic after you remove it... as well as after cleaning and the size blob you apply plz. :)

Also, host the images here at the site. 3rd party links will go away eventually. :)
Ok... This was very difficult, I have now done everything again and am very exhausted, man I am potato x)

I took my whole case apart and checked the airflow for sure and I found It was actually ok.
I took off the cooling unit again and made pictures before and after:

(sorry my pictures are too big, can't use insert image function x( )





So yes it was a bit much paste I took a bit away from the sides,
but I could feel that the cooling plate was in direct contact with the cpu surface and
that there is no problem with contact. It has very firm contact. I made sure of it.

Also you suggest the logo has to be horizontal perhaps, but the shape is, how you say ambidextirus?
All sides fit perfect it is like cube, so I just put it as I need to, so I still can fit the big pipes (they are thicc) x)

So I also found something strange which is this:

Taken after 10 min of idle with no browser open only the two seen apps:


And this is taken directly after the same setup as above only I click open browser:


So you see? Something does not make sense here.
How can only opening the browser cause this much increase of heat?

One more thing. I did experiment, I left cooling unit completely off and held my finger on cpu directly, when turning on pc.
Man, this hurts so much. It was so hot, so quick, I could not pull away before burning.
It was bad idea, however I think it is not normal for cpu to get this hot so quick.
It also proves that the machines is not lying when it tells me the themperature is bouncing so high and low.
I though maby it was faulty heat reading unit, but no.

I'm sorry for this bad english Sir, It is getting late and I'm tired, need to get sleep before nightshift.
I hope I can talk to you tomorrow and I hope this information can bring us further, thank you again for helping me :)
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That is way WAY too much thermal paste... wow. Again... BB size or so...

Also you suggest the logo has to be horizontal perhaps, but the shape is, how you say ambidextirus?
All sides fit perfect it is like cube, so I just put it as I need to, so I still can fit the big pipes (they are thicc) x)
What do the INSTRUCTIONS say? :)

I think it is not normal for cpu to get this hot so quick.
Yes, it is. And dont do that again. :)

Even with a proper loop temps can shoot up dozens of degrees in an instant.

You are tightening the screws down all the way, right? That system has a hard stop so you cannot overtighten.

Re: pictures.. resize them. We have a 2MB limit. Those links will be invalid amd the the thread swiss cheese otherwise. :)
Holy mutha of gawd, I've used less than that much paste in 5 years, wow. Not only are you putting WAY TOO MUCH paste, but it doesn't look like you're tightening up those screws all the way down.
OK I'm back sorry for delay had to take care of other things x)

Yes paste was too much sorry but it's fine now I did all again and
this time I made sure as you said to screw in all screws as hard as possible,
before I did it with hand because didnt want to crush cpu, but you say its fine ok.
So now it's as tight as it can be, otherwise screwdriver breaks x)

Also I updated my link corsair software and the cooler now shows up and
I can chance fan speed for the first time wow, so this is really good.
Before didnt do anything when I say bios do 2800 rpm and bios is like fu.
Now i can really hear fan getting really loud for first time when I say go max speed
and It also shows speed of pump itself.
Also befiore I did never hear the fans even, they were so slow.

So now my pc is still naked and maby that is why themps are better now but look at this.
This is idle with browser open which before it was rape for cpu already.
last 30 seconds is warframe gameplay open on other screen as test becoause it is old game
and not so rapey on cpu:

And this is is Battlefield 1 test, which is very stress and rape for cpu:

Thems here are much higher but still much better then before, it is like 85-90 degrees and
it never throttles the speed down from 4.8 Ghz which is great man,
But what do you think is this normal now?
Is your voltage on auto for that 4.8 GHz? 1.36V seems really high for that clockspeed. I would imagine 1.25-1.3V should be plenty....

Those temps seem about right to me... between a proper mounting and not slathering on paste like its spackle, seems to have helped. Your temps now are due to the VERY high voltage for the clockspeed.

Did you mount the block in the correct orientation per the instructions (which says exactly what I said... :))?

I'd honestly start over on EVERYTHING (overclocks). Reset bios to defaults (there is a key which does so) save and exit. Set Vcore to 1.25V and multipler to 4.6 and see what happens... push up from ther.e
No, voltage is set to 1.36V Manual mode. Ok thank you for this information I will try to reduce the voltage.

Thank you, this makes me feel good to hear :), so It seems the part of the bad mounting has been solved and yeah makes sense as 1.4 volt is set as max,
by intel but many user on other forum do not reccomend going even close to that for cpu lifetime i think.

I am sorry I have tried finding information on this subject of mount orientation, but I find It very hard to find anything.
I checked my Cooler box which I still had and I can't find the manual and on the box it doesnt say anything about it.
I of course looked on google alot but I only find threads about the fan orientation.
Maby I need to contact corsair directly to find out.
Should I do that?

Ok thanks again very much I will give it my best and keep posting here, but only tomorrow.
I don't think it will work miracles, but at least it will be the correct way. Do that over again (maybe post another picture of your thermal paste application... still nervous about that, LOL).

THen start over on overclocking.
Ok Sir, thank you for finding this information! :)
So I put it on again the correct way as shown and screws tight again.

And I changed voltage from 1.36 to 1.25 as you said and man I can't believe this,
it actually works with this low of a voltage, I made a video testing BF1 with 4.8 Ghz and 1.25 Vcore and look at this!

I can't believe how low the themps are now man this is so good!
I never thought I would get it below 80 degrees even, I thought 80 average would be heaven,
compared to the 90 - 100 I was getting before.
But now I'm getting like 70 degrees under full load and no throtteling,
It is as cool as the north pole man!

I hope this will be stable as I only tested fo the few minutes I showed in the video, didnt check longer,
but I am sure from here I can figure it out myself.

I am really greatful Sir, I would definetly invite you to a bar and get you some beer, but you live in Ohio,
thats a bit far from here x)

I hope when someone else has similar problem they find this thread and can get help aswell from it.
Thanks again man If anything else comes up I will post it tomorrow :)

Edit: sorry I saw las message too late where you requested picture but I think it is fine as you see in the video :)