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I7 875k vcore help

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New Member
Mar 3, 2016

I already got an i7 875k and an EVGA P55 FTW mobo. I was on an i5 760 + Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 running @4GHZ @1.28v aircooling.
I'm trying to resolve a huge problem since 3 days, going crazy with that cpu and mobo :bang head
The fact is that i can't set the vcore in bios... of course i can choose the value but it doesn't take effect in health function bios or in Windows.
I really tried everything : flashing different bios version, trying the second 8 pin cpu power (that mobo has 2 port 8 pin cpu power for extra power), selecting different bios selection jumper, with/without vdroop,...
I never had that hard issue for overclocking :shock:

I put 1.4v vcore but stay on 1.2v

But if i put on Windows on Eleet, vcore boost +0.2v, it takes effect. (The vcore value upper of vcore boost doesn't work).
Now shows 1.4v and i see it on temperature when stress test.

And of course, i can't go higher than 3.6Ghz in bios because of blocked vcore... When i set multipliers on the cores (turbomode) in bios, the vcore increases by demand not what i have entered. Looks like it's an auto vcore for everything.
The only way for me to hit more than 3.6Ghz and doing what i want is by Eleet, changing vcore and cores multipliers :

So where is the problem or what i'm doing wrong ?
I want to keep that mobo but if i can't resolve this, i go back to the Gigabyte and try the 875k on it.
Thank you very much. :thup: