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i7 920 or Quad+ multi GPU?

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Mar 8, 2002
Now that my tax rebate is starting to tickle my brain cells, I'm wondering which would be more efficient in terms of cost, PPD, energy usage, upgrade-ability, etc.

For example, i7 920 with 1 GPU (let's say a GTX 260-216) vs an AMD Athlon II X4 920 with a MoBo that has 2, 3 or even 4 PCIe slots to run that many GTX 260-216s?

So wadda ya think?


Oct 12, 2009
5280, USA
I'd guess that more video cards would be you best option but I'm sure someone else can chime in and correct me if I'm wrong ;-)


Senior Golfer
Feb 25, 2004
Well I am going with the I7 not necessarily because of the points but because it will have a longer useful life and serve me better. I can upgrade the GPU a little easier then the Mobo and CPU.

Is it going to be a dedicated folder or a everyday rig? As long as the Bonus WU's last the I7 + 1 GPU will compete favorably with 3 GPU's.

I do 7k ppd on my 260GTX on the 353 pointers so that would be 28k plus the AMD. At its best. The more intensive Wu's will lower it.

Or 7K and the I7 which is doing what 20k? Its pretty close.
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